Opinion: Uganda’s killers

Sandy Apolo Randy

I am still wondering whether it is a generational change consequence or something inherent amongst almost all Ugandans.

The mentality that there are people who should take care of our affairs has killed this society.

Despite the fact that the only true Ugandans are the Iki, Tipeth of Karamoja and The Batwa of South Western Uganda, the rest of us are immigrants in here.

This has possibly continued to haunt the entire population. Though none of us can safely go back and comfortably assume their original roots.

Am sure those roots are already occupied. We cannot equally and fully take charge of Uganda as a people.

Are you bewitched?

Ugandans have of late lacked the nationalism spirit no wonder someone with a “vision” manually thought about teaching it and inculcating it amongst you. Ugandans have failed to occupy their given space. In that same vein you have failed the citizenship test.

Take a look at our complaining culture. We are known for complaining about virtually everything.

Uganda is the only country where a known thug enters your house, you find him as he gets out of your house.

Out of the ten million shillings that he has stolen from your very own house, he gives you One thousand shilling and you worship him. What really went wrong with you?

This is what is killing Ugandans, I recall the popular debate when the American President was campaigning. Yes he will help us most of you thought.

I always asked myself what President Obama had to do with my poorly facilitated health centre, Poor road and the buried generations in UPE and USE at my humble village.

Am told you are counting on Donald Trump (the Republican Candidate) in case he makes it to the Whitehouse. This is because of his bold statements about some African leaders.

However, before you trust him to keep your hopes in him like you did to President Barrak Obama, just know he will be an American. And in any case if he goes through he will take oath to protect the American constitution and their interests’ world over but not the Ugandan Constitution and their interests.

Ugandans wherever you are, stop embarrassing yourselves. It’s you who is sleeping hungry, whose children are being buried under the disguised free Education that is indeed free of Knowledge. Those burying them, theirs are not in those funny schools.

It is you who is going to die in that dying booth in the name of a health facility. You must wake up.

The bitter truth is that as a Ugandan you can escape responsibility but the consequences of escaping the same cannot be escaped. I do not know what is hard for you to witness. Who of you has not felt a pinch of the current situation?

Uganda has one of the best legal frameworks that virtually caters for everything. What could be disturbing them would be the poor reading culture. There are very many things that Ugandans do not know about themselves and their country at large. This is absurd. According to their Constitution, it is clearly stipulated that power belongs to the people. None of them is willing to put that into practice.

It is a population that do not know that they pay taxes. Actually there are some areas in Uganda where in case you conducted research people would comfortably tell you that “I DO NOT PAY TAXES” this is a dangerous statement.

No leader would feel comfortable leading such a population, it means the leader is reaping from this kind of ignorance hence the dead silent about the truth. Any leader so secretive about matters of public affairs, fails the leadership litmus test.

Individualism is another killer in Uganda. Ugandans think that in certain instances there are some people who should take much responsibility than others. They look at a happening and they think it must be you to take it up. In simple terms, it is not about them but rather it is about you who they think assumed the responsibility. Virtually there is no collective responsibility when it comes to public matters.

I recall one time I was involved in a project of providing safe water in one of the rural parts in Uganda. We provided and did all it takes and constructed a borehole. It served the community for close to three years and it developed some mechanical problems that needed at least Fifty thousand shillings to put it right.

Guess what!!! these Ugandans called us that our borehole had got damaged so we should go and repair it. (Typically Ugandan thinking)

All am saying here, grab the moment and live it as it comes by taking it upon yourselves to do things the right way. You must stop complaining virtually about everything. You have all it takes.

You need not to be told that this is wrong. This is why you are not in the animal kingdom. You are rational beings. When you continue watching and presiding over irregularities, guess what? You become irregular yourself.

Your complaining culture shows that you are the weakest and indeed incapable of handling any of your own issues hence perpetuating manipulation. The “godly false hopes” you have in your so called neighbours will not help. No neighbour will take on your family responsibilities.

You must place some people where they rightly belong. The Power to do so is in your hands. You must stop gambling with your precious lives and the future of your children. Let those to come after you have a reason not to curse you.

I hold this country in trust for those who will come very many years after am gone. This is why I act with a lot of consciousness. Just know that the more you seat back and watch, the more injustices you are creating. Be part of something good that will bring you pride.

Questions like Dad, what did you do when things were going wrong? Are an embarrassment more so when your son or daughter starts faulting you. Be mindful of the fact that Peace is not the absence of Conflict but rather the presence of Justice. My Ugandan Elites I hope you get it.

Now you know you are the Killers yourselves.

I will not gamble with my Country.

Sunday Apolo

Lawyer and Political Analyst

Email: sapolo87@gmail.com

Facebook: Prince Sandy Apolo Randy

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