Opinion: Uganda no longer pearl of Africa


Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It goes on to mean, power under total control. I has spent long without passing by to say at least hello!!! However, it was not out of lack of what to write but rather the desire to for my piece of mind.

Uganda is a very beautiful country where very many unfortunate and heart breaking events happen to discredit it.
Uganda has lost the Pearl medal, the person who referred to as the Pearl of Africa had made a comprehensive conclusion that was true by then. However, in the same spirit if the same person was tasked to describe Uganda in one word! We would be at a loss.

The broad day theft is as normal as a greeting slung, come to manners, we are scoring in negatives. No communal responsibility at all. We are facing a total breakdown as a country.

People are busy doing a lot of things unfortunately their output will not be felt for they are doing nothing.

When you tune in to our political channels!!!! The story is quiet alarming, a good write if he was to write about Uganda the poem would be categorized as parody.

I am still wondering if there is still any sense of care in this country, this selfishness or I don’t care attitude towards the people who made you is what really bothers me.

You cannot force people to love this country, it is out of the lost hope that people can now be beaten as kids to be able to appreciate that their hygiene is a necessity.

When a country reaches such a point where peopCheck-Up ger care at all, then there are more reasons to worry. It means they no longer have anything to lost for in safety one’s life comes first. Now in a scenario where one’s safety no longer matters what do you expect next? I hope you do not lie to yourself that yours will matter at all.

Its for the people like Ssekitoleko am told he is a honourable from some backward county in Uganda, whose priority is age limit when his constituent has some of the worst schools and health centres. A misplaced Ssekitoleko should be recalled for medical attention. If I were his voter I would be seeking for Parliament to grant him leave for proper mental check in our very own Butabika.

Hon. Kadaga Grants Leave to Mp. Ssekitoleko for Mental Check-Up, this is one of the most wise moves our 10th Parliament has started with. Ordinary during my high school life whenever you qualified for indefenate suspension, it meant that your case is far beyond some normal measure.

The Age Limit debate is one of the most useless debates this country has ever had and this is why I had not bother to make my opinion about the same public. Am writing this out of joy that at least we can now sieve matters of national importance and those that are childish not befitting to be presented before our Legislature.

Sunday Apolo
Political Analyst and Human Rights Lawyer

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