Opinion: Uganda has crappiest customer care


Customer service in Uganda, is the crappiest I have ever come across in Africa (I’m a well traveled man) as if we use toilet paper or Mango leaves to pay for services.

The broadband signal is always poor or never works, the electricity is on and off, the water never flows, cell phone providers suck in their own way (they are greedy, incompetent and dishonest) and the waitress can keep you waiting for your food until hunger kills your buds.

The real pain is you have no alternative to turn to—because, like a gang of fools, they are all the same.

Almost every service and product delivering company in Uganda, has it butt in the faces of customers, farting uncontrollably because the customer cannot really do anything. Mostly, if you quietly complain, they do nothing and if you are unlucky, they tell you to go hell .

Consumers have no voice.

Enough is enough, it is time we shame some of these companies, tear down their lousy services, help them to lose customers and force them to do what’s right.

If you have a complaint about your telecom company, internet provider, a restaurant, your bank or even your church.

Together, we can get these people to be accountable and importantly, do what is expected of them.


Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is a security events guru

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