Opinion: Removing Machar will re-ignite civil war


Riek Machar making a call

This is a non starter case and Cde. Salva Kiir and his Group are playing with fire and playing with South Sudan as a Country and with the lives of South Sudanese people if they go ahead and remove Dr.  Riek.

Moreover, removing the Chairman and Commander in Chief of IO from the FVP position in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) is an abrogation of the ARCSS itself and declaration of all out War as well as a returns to a full scale Civil War, and Cde.

Kiir and his henchmen need to be fully aware of that.  The time you removed Dr. Riek and replaced him with Gen. Cde. Taban Deng or anybody else without knowledge from the grassroots levels and all the members of IO worldwide, you declared the ARCSS null and void by that time and War must be the Order of the day from that point of time.

Furthermore, removing Dr.  Riek from the FVP in the TGONU will tell us exactly and clearly that Cde. Kiir and his Group do not not wanted our problem to be fixed as the world and everyone else is wishing , but instead they would like to see us and the entire Country in War forever, and in this case, it is each one of us and everyone one of us to see to it, if that is what we had voted for last time for the Independence of South Sudan so that we live in War where we are killing ourselves with no end, or we must say no to this inhuman life and thinking, and political culture of one Group and policy of just to kill ourselves and then unite as people of one Country and get rid of Cde. Salva Kiir and his Group, once and for all.

All in all, we must be hopeful that Cde. Salva Kiir and his associates are on their way out based on the current unfolding events and the political decisions they have taken so far and taking and about to take as Group against peace, the TGONU was their only chance to remain relevant and rule us with Iron fist and political tribalism, but fortunately they have worked against it and continued to work against it day and night up to now, so their days in J One and in Juba in general are numbered.  We should be hopeful of that.

David Mai Tang, the author is a concerned South Sudan citizen

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