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Opinion: Hospitals are rotting, Museveni must go


A rotten mattress on one of the hospital beds in Kayunga hospital’s wards.


The failure to govern will be ended by People Power, as the People cannot continue to reward misrule by those in power.

In recent times, the state of health services in Uganda has come under the spotlight as a result of the tragic loss of prominent citizens of our country.

The sad loss of some of the best known personalities in the land could have been avoided if the nation’s health services were equipped and in position to provide quality treatment and care expected of a modern 21st Century state.

What is very disturbing in today’s Uganda is not just the fact that major medical infrastructures, like Mulago hospital, which were once the pride of the nation, have been left to decay and rot, but, even more importantly, the reality of the absurd and horrid state of the Health care service for all Ugandans right across country.

This lack of care by those in power has left the majority of the country’s population suffering the indignity and tragic misfortune of dying needlessly even from preventable diseases, which many other African nations have managed to deter.

The shameful images of dilapidated and ramshackle health care buildings, operating theatre facilities, maternity and children’s wards, and even mortuaries, that are featuring more and more frequently in the Ugandan press and on national broadcasting networks, such as NTV, can only imply one thing – that the leadership of Uganda, including Mr Museveni himself, have failed miserably to care for the nation, and they need to go NOW.

It is for this reason that Free Uganda and the newly launched liberation organisation, Platform to rescue Uganda (PRU), are now set on mobilising and empowering the population to force Mr Museveni to give way for other Ugandans to run the country in a better way.

The failure by Mr Museveni and his team to properly govern the country cannot be allowed to continue for longer.

The People cannot continue to reward misrule by those in power.

Dr Vincent Magombe, the author is a Free Uganda Press Secretary and the Head of Diaspora Mobilisation of the new pressure group, PLATFORM TO RESCUE UGANDA (PRU).

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