Choosing a future that looks like the present in Uganda

It was a whole of political business again. It is constitutional that after every five years elections are held and Ugandans decide who to lead them for the next term of five years.

With all the enthusiasm am told that Ugandans having been presented with a whole lot of choices, they categorically went for a choice that looks like the present at the cost of that full of opportunities and prosperity for all.

Unlike a bystander, I equally took part in this election for three months traversing some parts of this country. One could not believe the state of affairs in the countryside.

The roads are still impassable, the medical facilities are still in a sorry state, name it. It is actually steady problems in the country side. The most surprising of all was the mid-set of the people who have become too accustomed to the situation at hand and indeed they think everything they face is normal.

Our elites who have taken it upon themselves to represent the rural masses at a loss of words resort to the use of money to silence the rural population and once again rob them during broad day light. People have always been asking themselves why most of our politicians have always resorted to the use of bribes to get votes.

It is snot that Ugandans are “stupid” the people know their problems but they have always been duressed into electing leaders who are summarily not worth their votes.

Notably among the problems that are indeed steady are the broad day light robbery of the young generation and those to come of opportunities, two solid decades of jobless growth, an economy that is growing slower than its real potential and a citizentry that is being reduced to merely beggars.

Of the celebrated “victors” none of them had an idea on how to deal with the said steady challenges at hand. Ask one of their representatives at these other lower levels, no one is ready to fully articulate the way forward. Notably was one disgracing elite who took me through a whole lot of job promises that had been made to his members? That is how narrow our people can think. They believe in being appointed as RDCs, PISO, VISO etc…..as a sustainable way of earning a living. The question remains shall all of us ran to be appointed such?

What happened then in this elections? Did Ugandans witnessed what they thought or they were shocked? There are possibly two things, what you ought to have heard and what you have heard. The moment the two clash, expect a state of paralysis. The Ugandan case.

Why did they go for a future that looks like the present? Possibly they are afraid of a better life. They have not learnt. The are the most cowards I have ever seen. After making choice they cannot even celebrate it. That is how far they fear everything. It is celebrating in a sombre mood, the first of its kind in our History.

Sunday Apolo

Lawyer and Political Analyst

Face book: Prince Randy Kits

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