Opinion: 2016 is the year God is siding with the defiant


Without a doubt 2016 will go down on a record has a year  of  many peculiarities ,political drama accounts for all the bizarre shift in how  for centuries humanity have traditionally predicted political trends with utmost confidence to the point that they believed being complacent  was  a thing of the past.

The politician becomes the de-facto larger than life human being with such  exuberance of assuredness that what they speak is only the gospel truth completely extracting God from the daily affairs of governance .

The politicians become over presumptuous that  when they speak the people have no choice but to submit  but however  unknown to them , 2016 seem to be the year God is reminding the humanity that he controls every single aspect of life.
In 2016 extraordinary events have taken place that has shaken the political class.

In Britain, the preachers of extreme ideology of nationalism rallied Great Britain to vote themselves out of the European Union, famously known as BREXIT. In the same kingdom against all odds, small time team Leicester City won the premier league.

In the continent of Europe there is a resurgence of far-right political parties, Over the last 70 years these methods have been sufficient to ensure that the political center holds, but all across Europe there are now an increasing number of reasons to fear that that is no longer the case.

The toxic combination of the most prolonged period of economic stagnation and the worst refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War has seen the far-Right surging across the continent, from Athens to Amsterdam and many points in between. In Austria, a right-wing political party narrowly lost the elections.

In USA elections ,2016 Donald Trump who is not a politician and has never held any political office has triumphed over the 2 most established political organization in the world .

Trump was denied endorsement from his senior party members, Trump had only one newspaper endorsement in the whole of USA, Trump was a lone wolf against the establishment, like Mohamed Ali he has shocked the world me inclusive.

In Uganda a combination of pragmatism and benevolence did not win Museveni the elections, the gun did and many months of the road he is grappling with the question of legitimacy. It is not easy to hijack the people will, his attempt to repair his image is all acts of futility.

Lessons to learn from this are;I think politicians should begin to listen to the ordinary folks and stop taking them for granted , the vote is their only weapon against social ,economic and political injustices.
God is great!

Moses Atocon, the author, is a social political activist.

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