Oguttu says Museveni too is a prisoner


The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, says President Yoweri Museveni and the electoral commission “staged a coup de’tat after they realised they were destined to losing the election”.

“They said we were bad losers. But how can you use State machinery to steal from me and then call me a loser? You say you are popular.”

“That 61% of voters elected you never mind that that was only 32% of the total voters. Then why are you scared shitless and so desperate?”

Oguttu further asked why the popular president has put the country on a war footing, deployed heavily armed troops all over the country and turned Kampala into a fortress.

“You say you won the election then why incarcerate Dr KB [Kizza Besigye], a man you say you gave a knock out?” Oguttu questioned in a statement posted on his social media, Facebook page, on March 9, 2016.

Oguttu said everyone knows the naked truth that Besigye was “robbed of his victory” by those who “usurped  his power”.

“That is the reason you invaded FDC headquarters and carried off or destroyed evidence that was to be used in court to prove you guilty.”

Oguttu argued that probably that was the reason their witnesses were arrested, bought or scared into hiding.

“That is the reason you frustrated  all our efforts  to collect more evidence  to support our case. That is the reason you denied Dr   KB  access to his lawyers  and party leaders till after the 10 days provided in the Constitution  for filing the petition were over.”

“That is the reason you are arresting Amama’s witnesses .That is the reason you are sending your operatives at night to raid offices of Amama’s lawyers. That is the reason the petition judgement is most likely to be written in State House as was done during the fake impeachment case against Kampala Lord Mayor Lukwago. Total disgrace for a man who has been in power for over 30 years.”

On Thursday March 10, Oguttu said he felt so powerful following his conscience to the full, staying in self-imprisonment in his house in solidarity with Besigye.

“Museveni is No 1, prisoner of conscience. Powerful because I am able to do it as I wish , to protest against the actions of the repressive government without interference from them.”

Oguttu further condemned the arrest of Rukungiri shopkeepers for closing their shops to stay at home in self-imprisonment.

“What crime have the shopkeepers committed? So now, some evil police officers are wishing and waiting for a chance when Dr. KB returns to Rwakabengo and incarcerate him there. Whatever you do, he will eventually be the President of this a republic.”

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