Ofwono to FDC: Wear black & mourn election loss


Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has mocked opposition for launching a new campaign boycotting businesses of people who support President Yoweri Museveni.

FDC Monday launched a “free my vote” campaign protesting the continued detention of Kizza Besigye.”

The Forum for Democratic Change spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, while speaking to journalists at the party head quarters in Najjanankumbi, said that the campaign will be a very peaceful one.

“Starting this Thursday we will not be going to work every Thursday of the week and we call upon all the Ugandans who voted for Besigye to stay home that day.  The home imprisonment will be in protest of the detention of Kizza Besigye,” Ssemujju says.

“Every Tuesday we will be going for prayers at every party office putting on black,” he added.

Among others, party officials called upon Ugandans nationwide to boycott activities by Museveni and all other supporters including musicians who campaigned for any National Resistance Movement flag bearer in the presidential elections.

“If they come to a function you all leave.  If they play a Chameleon’s song when you are in the taxi you leave.  This is going to be a peaceful demonstration,” Ssemujju said.

Govt fires back

“Wearing black, ‘Black Thursday’, as a system of mourning, prayers for election loss and staying home,” Opondo cynically tweeted.
The Uganda Media Centre boss said there is no harm if they (opposition) are peaceful and stay in their homes.

“Question is for how long will they stand?”

“Yet these businesses employ Ugandans and pay taxes to Ugandans,” he argued.

According to Opondo, the boycott is exposing their (FDC’s) true colour of “a party that would strangulate businesses of people who don’t agree with it”.

“Yet these businesses employ Ugandans and pay taxes to Ugandans,” he argued.

As for the 2016 election audit which Besigye is calling for, Opondo still has questions.

“Independent Election Audit; if I may ask, which constitution article provides for an audit in settling an election dispute in Uganda?”

Besigye says he won the elections and is now planning to form his own people’s government.

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