Ofwono appoints himself Besigye drummer boy


Besigye and Opondo

NRM deputy spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, Saturday metaphorically appointed himself as FDC politician, Kizza Besigye’s drummer boy, beating and dancing to the opposition icon’s political rhythm.

“Besigye recruited me into the NRM,” Opondo stated in an introduction to his unsolicited eulogy.

“I think Besigye is right to question Amama Mbabazi’s opinion on the rule of law,” the government spokesman remarked while appearing on a political talk show dubbed the “Capital Gang” on Saturday.

BBC Ugandan born journalist, Alan Kasujja, was forced to point out: “Ofwono Opondo is making a case for Besigye’s candidature on Capital FM. He doesn’t think Amama Mbabazi brings as much as KB. Why?”

Opondo pushed on relentlessly, observing that whatever is going on in the opposition [The Democratic Alliance] “is the wallet”.

He said Besigye represents about 2 million voters and 37 Members of Parliament, wondering what DP’s Norbert Mao and UPC’s Olara Otunnu represent in TDA.

“What is Mao bringing to the TDA?” the Media Centre boss questioned, adding, “I think Mao is being dishonest.”

The bewildered Democratic Party president shot back: “I don’t see where Opondo has found the love for Besigye”.

But Opondo was not done yet; he now full attention to his main target; Mbabazi.

“What is Mbabazi taking to the so called TDA? Really, I think what’s going on in the opposition alliance is the wallet,” he noted, suggesting that Amama was “buying” TDA’s support.

He said Ugandans must be struggling to entrench democracy based on multiparty rule.

According to Opondo, if Besigye wanted both the FDC and TDA flags, he would have made a bigger statement.

The NRM cadre further lashed at Uganda Federal Alliance president, Beti Kamya saying he was not so sure “Kamya and Mao will win even at parliamentary level”.

Caught offguard, Kamya informed Opondo that:”Wars are not won by mere strength. Sometimes wars are worn by tactics and strategies.”

Kamya said she will go with the person who can show her the opposition has a chance of winning in 2016 elections.

Even FDC spokesperson, Ssemujju Nganda, was shocked by Opondo’s sudden self-appointment as Besigye’s personal spokesman.

“Opondo will come here and demoralize our supporters even further,” Nganda observed.

He said all democracy seeking groups can still work together even if “we present two or three candidates”.

The ruling party’s Lydia Wanyoto said the person who loses out in all this confusion is Uganda.

“We might not get much for Uganda in 2016,” Wanyoto remarked.

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