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Obore, Kalyegira quarrel like market women over Ali

Kampala Express photo

Then Daily Monitor Investigations Editor Chris Obore (left) and Timothy Kalyegira appearing on Friday “Hot Seat” radio talk show on KFM, Kampala, Aug. 31, 2012. [Photo by Kampala Express]

Senior journalists Chris Obore and Timothy Kalyegira, risking their reputations, squabbled and quarrelled like market women on social media.

The titanic clash between the Director of Information at Parliament and the Kampala Express boss was sparked by the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

The three-time WBA World Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (1964-1967; 1974-1978; 1978-1980) died in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States late on Saturday night, June 3, 2016.

While every Tom and Jerry was busy spewing uncoordinated tributes all-over social media, Kalyegira took it upon himself to educate the “gullible masses” that just consume what tools of control like media provide as the “absolute truth”.

In his article titled: “Was Muhammad Ali the greatest-ever boxer?”, Kalyegira said he was “skeptical about the hype around Muhammad Ali”.

“…we need to understand how the world works and how easily we are manipulated by the media, production and marketing teams into consuming the products and celebrity brands that we do,” he wrote.

He said Cassius Clay [Ali] calling himself the “greatest” does not make him so saying the credit would instead go to Jack Dempsey, the first black champion Jack Johnson and the undefeated Rocky Marciano.

“Those who have solid knowledge of boxing would add Joe Louis, the black 1930s heavyweight champion, among the greatest. If we include boxers of all ranks, the middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson in the 1950s and the light middleweight and welterweight champion Sugar Ray Leonard in the early 1980s would be, weight-for-weight, much better than Ali for the title of the greatest of all time.”

He said Ali was for example badly beaten in 1980 by the WBC champion Larry Holmes in an embarrassingly one-sided fight before retiring in 1978 after defeating Leon Spinks in their return world heavyweight championship title fight.

“But because we live in a media-driven and marketing-driven world and Cuba was a communist country hostile to the United States, Stevenson and Ali did not get to meet….Hardly anybody is mentioning Ali’s 1971 defeat at the hands of the ferocious Joe Frazier or the easy way the 1976 Olympic champion Leon Spinks beat him in 1978.”

Kalyegira concluded: “cursed are the billions of us who live by and cannot see through the way the world media and marketing firms shape our gullible minds.”

Obore, Kalyegira clash

Obore had also posted on social media saying Ali’s greatness is overrated.

Kalyegira, famous for banning comments on Kampala Express due to poor grammar, decided to correct Obore.

“The name is Muhammad Ali, Chris Obore, not Mohammad ali. You need to cut back on your daily need to fight with society, relax and get on with life. And, if you must keep hitting at society, better have your technical writing and facts right,” Kalyegira jotted.

Obore was obviously not amused.


“In yourself edited Facebook paper you water down Ali’s greatness but on my wall you sound holy. Why the double standard,” Obore shot back.


While everyone though he was now done, Obore decided to throw in another word or two.

“Just enjoy your bargain in life. Don’t get nasty at others. Charles Ongole had a good description of you and let me ask him to send me to post it here. Onyango Obbo in fact wrote how you are difficult to manage. Why do you take yourself more intelligent and important than anyone else?”

Kalyegira could not stomach all in silence; he also  shot out: “Okay, But relax and learn to enjoy life Chris. Nearly every single post on Facebook seems to be angry and fighting at society when they are not really thinking about you and are not angry with you. You have goodwill from society. Enjoy that goodwill.”

Obore returned with equal vigour: “Timothy don’t hide it. You are so bitter with me for selfish reasons. I am enjoying my life pretty well.”

Feeling a little dissatisfied, Obore went on: “You failed to market me as bitter. Man, grow old well. Don’t seek cheap media popularity all the time. You are an old man who should move on with life. That internal anger that you have at those you think found you and left you will consume you to the grave.”

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