Nyanzi to tattoo Museveni on her buttocks


Nyanzi [R]

Makerere University don and satirist Dr Stella Nyanzi is taking political activism to another level.

This time round, she wants a tattoo of President Yoweri Museveni painted on her buttocks.

Stella Nyanzi is a medical anthropologist with a PhD from the University of London based on ethnographic fieldwork of youth sexualities, sexual and reproductive health.

She uses sex innuendos to express her political views.

“I am going to get a brilliant tattoo on my big black beautiful body. Painted a deep ochre red colour, this tattoo will boldly state, “Free President Kizza Besigye!” says in her latest satirical piece.

She says at least with the tattoo, Museveni and “his wololos will not be able to shoot the tattoo off my body part with their AK47s”.

“In fact, I will hide the tattoo under a bush of pubic hair so that the government does not steal it like it stole the file of Besigye’s case from the Magistrate’s Court in Kasangati…”

Her second tattoo will be hidden in the deep valley between “my two buttocks”.

She says this second tattoo will say: “Museveni stole the election!”

Nyanzi, however, admits that in spite of her huge repulsion and disgust for him, Museveni is a brilliant tactician and strategist.

“He devises and deploys some of the dirtiest yet most skilfully effective schemes to gain and maintain advantage over his opponents.”

She says the president’s arsenal of varied cunning moves, no matter how slight always devastate his competition.

“When he beats down a rival, he clobbers the body to a fine pulp. When he attacks an idea, he crumbles it down as if it were stale biscuits. When he rigs an election, his stolen victory is stridently rubbed all over all public bodies in Uganda as if it is the national flag. Museveni is a kafulu [skilled] soldier.”

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