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Nyanzi: Suspend Mamdani or I undress again


Makerere institute of Social Research lecturer Dr Stella Nyanzi has threatened to undress in public again if the appointments board does not suspend her boss Prof Mahmood Mamdani.

The board suspended Nyanzi on Friday for undressing in public protesting the lockdown of her office.

The board also disregarded a committee formed by Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof Ddumba Ssentamu and appointed a new committee to investigate Nyanzi.

“If the Appointments Board at Makerere University does not suspend Mahmood Mamdani, I will undress at the Freedom Square in protest against this board’s exoneration of his hand in creating the rot at MISR,” Nyanzi has threatened again.

She accuses Mamdani of “sodomising” her contract as a Research Fellow by forcing her to teach.

She also accuses him of “raping” the Human Resources policy by “killing” all premiere levels of appeal against staff victimisation.

“Mamdani overstepped his pay-check by evicting me from my office in this public institute.”

She said the professor “raised his middle finger” to the Deputy Vice Chancellor who stayed the eviction.

“And Mamdani was insubordinate to the Committee that summoned him to explain the MISR saga.”

Rather than penalise Mahmood Mamdani for variously injuring her, Nyanzi explains, the Appointments Board suspended her.

“I am going to undress myself at the Freedom Square of Makerere University, if Mahmood Mamdani is not suspended in equal measure.”

Nyanzi says she is celebrating her use of nudity, obscenity and profanity to protest against six years of the “brutal rape and sodomisation” of her employment contract.

“My family members that matter all accept the necessity of my protest. Against intense pressures from many distant relations suddenly interested in my wellbeing, my close family clearly distinguish the protest as a work-related struggle that must be solved between myself and the public institution that employs me. That is the position of my family members that matter.”

She warned wiseacre relatives who are clueless and distant to her not to seek the limelight of the cameras to ‘apologise to the public on behalf of the family’.

“Blithering ignorant bumbling fools! I am neither apologetic nor regretful about my nude profane and obscene protest. Do not puncture my sails. You speak for neither me nor my sisters! You only want to enjoy the camera lights.”

Nyanzi says her father died in August 2014 and her mother in August 2015.

“None of these family members ever came to check on me, my siblings and my children. But now they had the audacity to apologise to the public for my nudity, obscenity and profanity. Fucking impostors.”

She lashed at her Auntie Susan Bidandi Ssali who was on Bukedde apologising to the public for her nudity?

“Who sent you? Were you doing damage control or what? Why? Was it because you love us so much that you were helping to cleanse us from your perceived sense of the shame and disgrace facing us? Why didn’t you come and ask me if that is what I wanted? Did you ever apologise to the foreign public for the time you were found abroad when insane and stark naked because of schizophrenia? Why did you feel the need to undo what I am doing?”

“Uncle Andrew Lwenswa, what do you know about me, my life or my wishes? What were you doing on Bukedde apologising to the public about my nudity? Did you ever apologize to anyone for trying to forcefully have incestuous sex with one of my father’s daughters? Do you remember that night when we found your naked buttocks sneaking into her bed? Will you apologize for this attempted incest as well? And you desecrated my parents’ memory by lying about my upbringing in your apology.”

She accuses her Jaja Maria for being responsible for years of immense pain and suffering among her sisters due to the scorn at her mother for bearing no sons.

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