Nyanzi curses Supreme Court justices for crashing sex appetite


Makerere university satirist Dr. Stella Nyanzi took it personal on Wednesday when she led a “barefoot” march pushing for the release of Kizza Besigye from house detention.

The march was masterminded by Makerere University students who claim to be “tired of the games played by the NRM Government that are premised on injustice towards Dr. Besigye”.

They want him freed.

“It was a delight to attend the “Bare Foot” peaceful demonstration against the continued house arrest of Dr. Kizza Besigye,” Nyanzi said.

She said it was organised by Lubega Henry, a student of Human Rights in partnership with Makerere University Human Rights Association (MUHERA).

“The demonstration was creative in its adoption of the removal of shoes and socks for all participants who walked around the university campus.”

Carrying colourful placards, chanting freedom slogans, singing ‘Free Besigye oyee’, and donning red gowns, the students sent a powerful message of solidarity which was delivered at all the halls of residence.

“After prayers at Freedom Square, we marched down to Mitchel Hall, where the good doctor resided when at Makerere.”

“I marched along to UH, past Dag, to Nsibirwa and Nkrumah halls. I left them proceeding to Livingstone and returned to my office for a hard day of work.”

Mbabazi petition

On Thursday, Nyanzi said it does not matter that the nine judges of the Supreme Court all voted in favour of dismissing the petition against the presidential elections.

“What matters is that Dr. Kizza Besigye is my president. I recognize no other.”

She wondered how much a judge costs saying if they were bought, Ugandans can buy them back.

“What is the going rate of changing a judge’s mind? If the judges were bought, can we unbuy them by paying double the going rate? How much does it cost to sell one’s soul along with the soul of one’s nation?”

She said the judgement that saw Mbabazi petition dismissed is written with the blood of Uganda’s future.

“The bloody ink of the judgement will forever taint the names of the judges. The bloody decisions will forever haunt the judges in like manner, as they will haunt Uganda.”

She wondered after being failed by the judiciary, where else Ugandans were turning for the redemption of the country?

“What is Plan F?”

This is her earlier missive:

All Ugandan adults in the opposition must make good use of tonight. We have one night – a few hours – to the judgement of the Supreme Court in the matter of the petition against the presidential elections.

Make slow passionate love tonight with your lover before dawn because the new day is going to break our hearts.

In the morning, jump-start the day with a steamy quickie as you brace yourselves for the words from the bench.

Brothers in the struggle, empty your sperm-bags tonight because tomorrow’s news is going to crash all appetites for sex.

After the ruling tomorrow, your erections will take very long to salute to your lovers. If you are without a bonk-mate, then wank to orgasm.

If you are too holy to wank, then may your wet-dreams be sweet, long, multiple and draining of all content in your sperm-bags.

Sisters in the struggle, let’s pleasurably service our bodies to the fill tonight. Hold nothing back. Moan, purr, growl, scratch, gyrate, scream, hiss, wiggle, grind, swear, yell, cum, go, love and be loved to heaven and back. If summersaulting works for you, go ahead.

Get the release that brings Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing tonight because tomorrow’s news will sew up our adult lips down yonder. If you lack a fuck-buddy, power up your dildoes.

If you are too godly to self-pleasure, then pray for a restful night with the sweet angels.

The petition ends tomorrow [Thursday].


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