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Nyanjura raps Ddumba over rotten Makerere hospital


Nyanjura and Akampurira arrive at the hospital


Doreen Nyanjura, the LC 5 Woman Councillor for Makerere University, has expressed shock at the status of the university hospital which is—simply put—rotten to the core.

“Because of the alarming state in which the university is in, we are planning to ask the vice chancellor Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu to visit the hospital soon so that he can wake up from his DEEP sleep and work,” Nyanjura said after visiting the hospital on October 5, 2016.

Nyanjura together with Councilor Justus Akampurira and other colleagues, was received by the university hospital director, Dr. Margret Wandera.

“Her hospitality and passion to do her work cannot be disputed. She opened up to us and shared some of the challenges of the hospital, guided us through a brief tour of the hospital and we were able to make a picture of the hospital,” the Iron Lady commended Wandera.

Nyanjura, however, pledged to investigate and bring to book university workers who charge students money yet the services at the hospital are free to all students except during holidays.

She identified the major challenge at the hospital as shortage of human resource.

Currently, they have 54 members of staff yet they are supposed to be 74.

But out of the 54 staff, 20 are cleaners. The hospital has one radiologist, one physician and one public health doctor.

Only two nurses are available, only one nurse works in the night making the hospital stretched.


Dr Wandera [in green] explains the status of the hospital]

Some sections of the hospital have been privatized because of the limited funding it receives plus shortage of drugs in the hospital.

“We found out that the hospital only has one vehicle which is an ambulance. The ambulance acts as an administrative car as well!”

She said the ambulance/Director’s car/ administrative car is shared by other university branches like Kabanyoro, Jinja etc.

“We are to begin lobbying so the hospital can have at least another vehicle.”

The university hospital’s records are still traditional, the digital world has not yet been embraced, and “we found piles and piles of old folders and papers that have records”.

Nyanjura pledged an offer of two computers to assist in recording student’s data and all the hospital records. Arrangements are underway to deliver them.

The Shs10,000 students pay handles operational costs of the university hospital like fuel, stationery, food for those admitted among others.


Makerere hospital

“There is no reliable source of light. For instance if the power goes, in-patients use paraffin lamps. There is chronic poor, dilapidated infrastructure where some of the hospital staff resides which is alarming.”

The university hospital is graded as a health center 3 and therefore is too underfunded but “my office will proceed to ensure a strong partnership is built with KCCA so that at least some of the resources can trickle down to the hospital”.

Nyanjura promised to make a careful study report on the status of the university hospital.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the originally 32-bed hospital serving both out-patients and inpatients including university staff, students and neighbouring communities, now has only 22 beds.

According to the University website, Makerere university hospital offers both curative and preventive services.

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