NRM’s Nantaba out for blood, fights in Kayunga


President Museveni and Lands State Minister Aidah Nantaba in Kayunga in June/ Daily Monitor photo 

The ruling party’s fiery Kayunga District Woman MP, Aidah Nantaba, is determined to do anything to retain her seat even if it means quitting NRM.

Last week, she staged an unsuccessful “unarmed combat” at NRM offices in Kayunga town after accusing her opponent, Juliet Nalunga, of allegedly disrespecting her.

Nalunga, the Kayunga District secretary for education, is contesting against Nantaba in the NRM party primaries for the Kayunga Woman MP seat.

The duo had been called to a meeting at Kayunga District NRM offices by the District NRM administrator, Oliver Matama, to draw a campaign programme for those vying for the district LC5 and parliamentary seats.

According to KFM radio report, Nalunga told members that Moses Kalangwa, a prominent businessman who backs his bid had donated an office cabinet to the NRM office.

Nalunga said the office would be used to keep documents but the announcement did not all amuse Nantaba.

Nantaba loses her cool

Daily Monitor recently reported how Nantaba had snubbed President Yoweri Museveni’s tour to Kayunga for allegedly being invited by a “land grabber” [Kalangwa].

The Lands minister accuses Kalangwa of engineering illegal land evictions in the district.

“We don’t need offers from any good Samaritans like Kalangwa. It is as if he is trying to bribe the officers,” Nantaba is quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

The room was getting hotter; Nalunga shot back, telling off Nantaba that she was “behaving like a child”.

Aborted fist fight

The furious minister jumped up, irate as if she had been stung by a bee.

She sauntered towards Nalunga fuming and demanding to know what made her rival that “disrespectful”.

A fist fight was about to ensure when members of the audience intervened and trained to restrain the minister.

She reportedly violently kicked and struggled to free herself, threatening to “tear” her rival to pieces.

Anti-riot police

It was then that Matama, the administrator, realised the gravity of the situation.

Matama hastily called anti-riot police that rushed to the scene armed-to-the-teeth and took over the building.

Officers then stormed the room and restrained Nantaba before she could shed blood.

Nantaba threatens to quit NRM

Last month, The Observer carried a story in which Nantaba was threatening to quit NRM if she is rigged out of the September 24 primaries.

She would then defy Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba’s directives and run as an independent.

While appearing on CBS radio’s Nze Nga Bwendaba (The Way I See it) programme, Nantaba said: “No one should think that he/she is going to play with our money and time which we spend on canvassing votes for the primaries.”

She added: “No one should think that he/she will mess up with the primaries to drop Nantaba; we are not here to be played with.”

Nantaba warned that if NRM doesn’t conduct the primaries in a free and fair manner, she will be forced to break party rules.

“I, Nantaba, I repeat that I will not allow individuals to play with my time and waste [my] money and you are aware I even don’t have a salary as others.”

This was in reference to an incident at the start of the year when court attached Nantaba’s salary to recover court costs after she was sued over her illegal activities against alleged land grabbers.

The fiery NRM woman doubts whether Kasule Lumumba can delvier credible primaries.

Nantaba hit the political scene in 2012 when parliament’s Appointments Committee to reject her appointment as minister for lack of academic documents.

President Museveni reigned over parliament and sailed Nantaba through later giving her his own elite guards from the Special Forces Command.

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