NRM30: Kasule says Museveni still has stamina


NRM secretary general, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, says as the ruling party ceebrates 30 years in power today in Fort Portal, President Yoweri Museveni still has the stamina to run the country.

“I am glad to report that he has performed with Excellency in the campaigns, sending critics to swallow their own words as he has showed “Stamina” as the popular saying goes, and as we speak now, he is even ahead of Schedule by four days,” Lumumba told press at the NRM Secretariat Plot 10 Kyadondo Road, last evening.

The commemoration of the 30 years of NRM and the 35th Anniversary of Tarehe sita, will take place at St. Leos’ college Kyegobe SS, a few miles outside Fort Portal town.

“Our Candidate H.E Y.K Museveni has proved capable of the task ahead to the extent that it is even easier now to count the regions he is left to cover than those he has covered.”

Lumumba said the NRM candidate has covered all regions except Buganda, and four districts in Bunyoro. By Saturday 23rd January, 2016, we had covered so far 223 rallies, in 98 districts.

Noting that NRM continues to promote Unity, Peace and continued Development, Lumumba said they shall shun any calls to destabilise this country, and called upon all Ugandans to rally behind leaders that are Peace and stability positive.

“Any leaders in this campaign who are bent at spreading messages of instability, sectarianism, mobilisation of our Young generation to deteriorate into Criminal gangs and militias should be totally rejected by all Ugandans.”

“Our Message as NRM is very clear in these campaigns; our Manifesto is ranked by both National and International Researchers as the most focused, exhaustive of Ugandan interest issues, all inclusive and extensively practicable in application.”

Come 18th, February, 2016, Lumumba noted, Ugandans, should celebrate Peace and stability with “your Vote for President YK Museveni as President 2016-2021”.

“With your Vote, celebrate Women Empowerment with now 40% women owing their own properties, with Your VOTE celebrate  the Education sector Improvement with over 22,000 Primary Schools  built, over 10,000 teachers houses built, over 26000 Primary Teachers Colleges built,  the 39 Universities  from 1 by 1986; over 155,000 University enrolment  from about 5000 by 1986. Celebrate by voting NRM come 18th February 2016, the improvement in Power generation from 60 Mw to 856Mw.”

NRM 30 years legacy

“We wish to congratulate H.E Y.K Museveni on reaching this 30th anniversary of the NRM in Government, We also Congratulate the CEC members, the NEC, and the membership of the National delegates’ Conference, the entire Secretariat of the NRM, the beloved Members of the NRM Party, all leadership structures, the Central Government,the Local Government, all patriotic citizens of Uganda, who have been part and parcel of the revolutionary journey to this day.”

Lumumba also applauded the Heroes and Heroines of the struggle both living and Deceased, “to us, you laid your life, property and all that you had  for the liberation of this Country and that distinguishes you from many of us”.

“We the NRM shall continue to hold you in high regard for; the Peace and tranquillity we enjoy to date, the steady economic progress that we witness, the ever improving Health and livelihood in Uganda, the Unity of the people, the strategic importance of Uganda to the Great lakes region both economically and its stability to other neighbouring Countries realised over a period of time, and all the numerous fruits of the Revolution, are your child that you bore out of pain.”

She further congratulated the gallant Sons and Daughters of Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, Officers and Men, upon the 35th Tarehe sita of 2016 [every January 26].

“You have done us proud, and you have been the pivot of Peace not only in Uganda, but the Great Lakes region, and Africa at large.”

Our Candidate H.E Y.K Museveni has proved capable of the task ahead to the extent that it is even easier now to count the regions he is left to cover than those he has covered.

She said Uganda now is ranked number one in East Africa with the best Road network to Border points with other Countries, the reason it  changed from being LAND LOCKED and NOW referred to as LAND LINKED, because all business people to Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, and Tanzanian Nationals from Northern Tanzania find it easier to use Uganda to go to their villages from Dar-es-Salam.

“Such is the extent of Celebration that we flag off from tomorrow until May 2016, when You Peace loving, Development oriented, Unity focused Voters shall once again see the Father of the Revolution. H.E YK Museveni and his team take office to steer this Country to the Steady Progress journey.”



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