NRM says tired of traitors & myopic critics


It is important that NRM leaders know and explain to the people, the history of Uganda and Africa in order to correct the misleading impressions created by the charlatans and the myopic analysts who always predict “doom” and of the consequences of past mistakes (thinking in political “matongos” i.e. abandoned homesteads).

The NRM leaders who sit silently and allow traitors to sabotage the future of the country are also indirectly responsible together with the press that amplifies these falsehoods.

To fight these misrepresentations, all leaders should internalize and practice; NRM’s tested revolutionary methods of work and the processes of economic transformation initiated by the NRM

All leaders should find time to read widely.


This is perhaps one of the biggest and most important achievements of the NRM government on which all other achievements are hinged.

As the old adage asserts, “it is peace and security that influences investments and business”.

This has been realized mainly by professionalizing the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Uganda Police, training and equipping other intelligence forces, increasing the vigilance of the population through training and sensitization.


In fact, the UPDF has become an internationally recognized and enviable Force especially following its contribution to the peace and stability in the region such as in Somalia, South Sudan in addition to its ability to crack down on terrorist and rebel activities in the country such as Kony, ADF and People’s Redemption Army.

Coupled with this was the recent recognition of the Chief of Defence Forces, General Katumba Wamala at the International Hall of Fame at the US Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania in September 2014 as a fellow of the college.


Peace and security are major requirements for any country. No one can conduct business in an environment of insecurity.

The NRM government is applauded for restoring peace and security to a country that had been torn apart by conflict.

It is however important that we do not take the current peace and security for granted.

The current peace must be guarded jealously because it was achieved through great sacrifice of our gallant sons and daughters who laid down their lives for the benefit of all Ugandans.

It is important to realize that all growth we have achieved (6%) per year is because of peace and security.


Yes, we shall achieve even more if all of us engage in productive activities in our homes. As Prof. Nuwagaba has always said; let us turn our homes into ‘functional homes’ which produce goods and services in whatever quantity. Let us shun laziness and utilize this peace and stability.


To go back to the issue of ideology, the first principle is NATIONALISM. Prior to the emergence of NRM, all the political parties in Uganda were not nationalistic; they were sectarian on account of religion and tribes.

UPC was a party for Protestants, DP a party for Catholics, and Kabaka Yekka was a party for Baganda Protestants. These were bankrupt platforms.

The Koran teaches us thus “O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another”. (The Rooms, 49:13)

Similarly, the NRM should ask each Ugandan: who is your socio-economic friend?” On whom is your socio-economic prosperity dependent?” is it on members of your tribe? Religion?

Who then, are your socio-economic friends? The ones that buy what you produce.


Before colonialism, there was trade between the East African coast and all parts of Uganda, Congo. There was also trade within Uganda in bark –cloth from kooki, bukooba, hoes from Bunyoro, etc.

Textile and guns were coming from the coast in exchange for ivory.

Therefore, our stand on nationalism is not based on mere rhetoric or emotionalism. It is based on the legitimate and core interests of the people, who are producers or consumers.

Therefore, those who push sectarianism are enemies of the core interests of the people.

They are sadists, opportunists and, therefore, enemies of the people.

About NRM

National Resistance Movement was founded as a Liberation Movement that waged a successful protracted people’s struggle that liberated Uganda from fascist and dictatorial regimes.

The National Resistance Movement restored political stability, respect for human rights, national unity, peace, security, law and order, Constitutionalism and the rule of law;

NRM launched and executed a minimum economic recovery programme through rehabilitation and development of socio-economic infrastructure, reduction and control of inflation, promotion of local and foreign investment, promotion of private sector led growth and export oriented production;

The National Resistance Movement introduced democracy and enfranchised the people of Uganda through restoration of the vote in regular, free and fair elections;

National Resistance Movement politically empowered previously marginalized sections of our society, namely women, youth, elders, people with disabilities and workers to play their rightful role in management of public affairs:

National Resistance Movement established participatory democracy through a policy of decentralisation and self-governance through local councils, leading to political empowerment of the people and social harmony;

National Resistance Movement established and operated the Movement Political System, that enhanced the people’s participation in the political, social and economic development of the country.

NRM Secretariat

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