NRM ‘kiraka’ regime broken beyond repair

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In Kiswahili the word, “KIRAKA” literally means worn out. Likewise, president Museveni and the outfit called NRM have become like one of those old bicycle tube, which keeps on self-destroying as you mend the KIRAKA.

You can only patch an old bicycle tube up to a point, eventually, it loses shape and transforms to a thorny tube.

In fact, Jesus articulated it well in the Bible: Matthew 9:17: “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”

Likewise, you can’t be fixing a broken system in perpetuity, the dynamics keep changing every time, and for example, the challenges of the bush war eras are far much detached from the current demographics.

We are tired of the talk of “we fought, we shed blood since 1986 nonsense” this talk together with the regime has outlived its usefulness and they continue to impose themselves onto the already restless and exasperated population.

It’s evident that they can’t cope with the rate of the decay in the critical social service sectors, the breakdown is quicker that the pace they could refurbish the tired regime.

The whole country is suffering from the pinch of social, political and economic distress because of one man’s agenda of life rule.

The spiralling human’s rights abuses; In a newly released US Department of State country report it pins the NRM regime on various human rights violations, including arbitrary killings, torture and cruel treatment, poor conditions in detention centers and harassment of Opposition politicians.

The report further reads; “The three most serious human rights problems in the country included: lack of respect for the integrity of the person (unlawful killings, torture, and abuse of detainees), restrictions on civil liberties (freedoms of assembly, expression), and violence and discrimination against marginalized groups, such as women and children.”

The decaying hospital equipment’s i.e. the Radiotherapy machine in Mulago national referral hospital, unfulfilled promises, increased unemployment, increased poverty, insatiable greed of the legislators, uncontrolled public expenditure, corruption etc.

The saying is true, “you can’t reform a totalitarian system, you can only remove it”.

Feb 18th, 2016 Ugandans overwhelmingly voted with their feet’s, hands and hearts to eject the failed system amidst all sorts of intimidation, harassments, ballot stuffing, late delivery of voting material and disenfranchisements.

The regime is now hell bent on pushing the citizens to the walls, incidences of masked criminal gangs working in tandem with the state to terrorize the helpless citizens can only drag Uganda to the perilous path of violence.

In Syria what began as a series of peaceful protests against the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad turned into a brutal civil war.

Over 200,000 people have been killed and 6 million displaced.

Ugandans have a history of not submitting to cruelty and it seems the regime has forgotten what took them to the bushes of Luwero; Uganda could potentially be on a slippery slope to another war?

President Museveni can afford to cage himself behind a bulletproof podium and assure his supporters that nobody will threaten the peace that NRM brought in the country, but the question is?

Does president Museveni ever account for the fate of his supporters as they leave his one-sided merry making galas?

President Museveni must come to terms and understand that gone are the days when leaders commit atrocities and expect the world to look the other way.

Charles Taylor, Laurent Gbagbo, Savo Milosevic were once very powerful presidents who the long arm of the law eventually caught up with them.

President Museveni and his ruling clique should only do the decent thing and concede to the legitimate winner of the February 18th 2-16 election winner otherwise they are in for a bumpy ride and we can’t rule out outright humiliation that another African revolutionary comrade Muammar Gadhafi suffered.

Moses Atocon.

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