FDC: NRM is an armed outfit not political party


Museveni campaigning

FDC presidential flag bearer says the ruling NRM is not a political party but an armed organisation backing “a dictator”.

Besigye was addressing press Friday morning on the distortions that have been thrown to the public by the media on The Democratic Alliance.

FDC has already resolved to forward Besigye as their presidential candidate in the 2016 elections following the collapse of the opposition coalition.

Besigye says they [TDA] needed more time than they had because the fight for reforms is going to remain at the forefront of their candidature.

He said the NRM party which they were fighting is not a political party but an armed organisation and the only solution was to enlighten citizens on a new order and free and fair elections.

“That is why you are seeing armed people in the streets because they are not in the election to contest. Some people think they’ll vote against a dictatorship and it will go. The struggle will end in a transitional process … to review the constitutional framework of our country.”

Besigye wondered what citizens would give if they have no power saying the vote of the people counts when there are free and fair elections.

“We want our people’s vote to count. We are trying to dislodge an armed dictator.”

Besigye said some sections of the population still don’t understand that this struggle is a liberation struggle, noting that his candidature is based on the fight for electoral reforms.

Why TDA failed to pick a candidate

Bishop Zac Niringiye said members of TDA endorsed different candidates and there will be no unveiling of a candidate because they did not arrive at a consensus.

FDC chairman, Amb Wasswa Birigwa, said consensus building gave little time to arrive at a decision and unfortunately TDA didn’t succeed at it.

Birigwa said members have persisted to talk about majority and minority.

He said FDC continues to cooperate with all democracy bodies to ensure there’s change of government.

“FDC is continuing with the election roadmap and will continue to select representatives at all levels.”

NRM celebrates

The collapse of TDA gave NRM members a reason to celebrate.

The Observer quotes NRM treasurer, Rose Namayanja, saying what happened in TDA is a clear indication to Ugandans that “these people” can’t be trusted with leadership and they are not ready for leadership either.

“If they can’t work in harmony when they are still in opposition, it shows you that they are greedy and will import that greed in leadership and it will be total anarchy once given power,” Namayanja concluded.

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for the Presidency, told the newspaper, that opposition coalitions that manage to stand the test of time and emerge as formidable forces are normally the ones with “reasonable followers and issues that many other citizens coalesce around; issues that advance common interests of others”.

“Being anti-Museveni and wanting to replace him alone cannot be an issue to sustain and build a strong political force. The fact that they [opposition] can disagree on whom to field for president and that alone makes the alliance crumble, tells it all,” Tumwebaze is quoted as saying.

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