NRM creating new breed of men, women



The Movement has taught citizens, especially local leaders, to clearly establish the difference between a misleader and the misled.

This helped introduce the notion of full forgiveness which helped forge unity between former belligerent groups and the Movement.

Studying Frelimo’s Samora Machel, one of the architects of the Movement idea, gives us an insight into this notion of full forgiveness.

Samora popularised an idea he called ‘Homem Novo’, Portuguese for ‘New Man’.

‘It is the teaching and transformation of the inside man that helps create a new man/woman which fully liberates a compromised character’.

The Movement has over the years, been able to recruit and work across generations, with different political and age groups of various ideological convictions to establish a firm base.

Out of what had failed, the leadership of the Movement has been able to craft a new nation.

This base has birthed a new Uganda with less sense of the past troubles and baggage and more optimism about the future.

This has helped millions of young people forge ahead building a better future than what their parents had.

Finally, the bust of freedom that comes as a result of a successful political revolution gives birth to a free media.

Freedom of expression is one of the most trampled upon right in a pre-revolutionary state.

NRM Secretariat

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