Norman found as military takes Amama youth


Kaggwa holding an exercise book

On the same day that Norman Tumuhimbise, a youth of the Jobless Brotherhood was dumped near his home, another Amama Mbabazi youth, Vincent Kaggwa, has been rounded up and whisked away by state operatives.

Kato Isa, the national coordinator of the NRM Poor Youth Forum tells Insider Kaggwa’s home was raided at around 4am this morning and his house ransacked.

Kaggwa, a leader in NRM Poor Youth structure was found in his home in Katanga Wandegeya home and beaten badly.

“His wife and children were not spared this time. They were also beaten up and left in a bad state,” Kato said.

“His [Kaggwa] home is surrounded by the military now. We don’t know where he has been taken.”

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has not answered our calls while his deputy, Polly Namaye, is unreachable at the moment.

Kato condemned the “intimidation, coercion and torture” that the state has resorted to in a bid to curb the activities of the youth.

Kato said police and military police accuse Kaggwa of harbouring a gun and it is the reason they gave for searching his home.

This is the second time operatives are raiding Kaggwa’s home and carrying him away without a warrant or notice of arrest.

The last time, he was taken in the same style and detained at Nalufenya police station in Jinja.

He was rotated around in different prisons until they brought him back to the Central Police Station in Kampala following massive pressure from activists and his colleagues.

He was later released.

The youth now demand for the unconditional release of Kaggwa.

“We are calling upon the police to act within the law and exercise impartiality in handling political matters in the country, Uganda is not a property of a selected individuals,” said Jannette Mugisha, an activist for change.

“Kaggwa’s rights have been consistently violated by the state, just because of making personal choice,” she continued.

“We must be informed of the offenses he has committed that warrants police to act unlawfully in his arrest.”

Yellow pigs’ activist Norman found 

The National Coordinator Jobless Brotherhood who disappeared last week has been dumped near his home in Kasubi at around 5am this morning.

Norman disappeared after someone dumped piglets at the gate of Parliament protesting against corruption.



His wife, Melisa Kemigisha, appealed to authorities but to no avail.

Yesterday, youth planned a march to the city centre to protest his illegal detention but were blocked by police.

Police spokesman, Fred Enanga, said they had not arrested Norman and he was nowhere in their cells.

When reports of his being held in a safe house by an army chief and alleged death started circulating, he then reappeared but in a bad shape.

“He was dropped at a roadside near Kasubi tombs after midnight, by a double cabin with dark curtains. His health is worrying at a moment. He can’t speak a word. His wife, family and members of Jobless Brotherhood are so worried about their lives,” Norman’s colleagues said.

We are told his going for a medical check-up this afternoon.

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