Nkurunziza speaks on assassination of his aide



Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has just addressed the nation on the RTNB.

In his short message, the president called for calm and sent condolences to the family of the murdered General, Adolphe Nshimirimana.

“In recent months, Kamenge is distinguished by its restraint. Remain United and avoid the trap of revenge,” Nkurunziza urged.

Gen Adolphe, a close aide to Nkurunziza was murdered Sunday in Ngangara by unknown gunmen.

He is famed for cracking down on protests against the president’s third term and allegedly beheading three Italian nuns.

He is also accused of foiling the coup that almost saw Nkurunziza overthrown while in Tanzania.

The African Union has condemned the murder and called for calm.

The UK and US too have condemned the latest attack and spiralling violence in Burundi.

They urged calm, restraint and dialogue at this most fragile of times saying there should be no violence on the path forward.

Nkurunziza on election victory

Just a day back, Nkurunziza addressed the nation about his election victory saying the months of June and July will remain unforgettable in the history of Burundi.

“Indeed, it is in June that took place legislative elections (for deputies) and communal while in July held Senate elections and the presidential election.”

“On 21 July this year 2015, you have massively responded to the appointment -you the election of the President of the Republic who will lead the Burundi over the next five years, from 2015 to 2020, and this happened only days after the legislative and municipal elections, which took place June 29, 2015.”

He praised the masses for not following the advice of those who asked them to boycott elections.

He promised to govern for all those who voted “for us” and those who carried on their choice of other candidates without favoritism.

He thanked the International Community, organizations and associations, representatives of political parties and religious denominations, that monitored the elections throughout the country, “and therefore, witness the conduct of these elections, free and transparent”.

He even insinuated that Burundi was enjoying “democracy” yet IC, US, UK, AU and EAC all passed the elections as not free or fair.

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