Nkurunziza guard who shot Gen Adolphe, testifies



One of President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bodyguards has testified how they were ordered by their boss to assassinate the army chief of staff and head of security services.

The bodyguard, at the rank of sergeant (whose name remains anonymous to protect his family) has been on the run for ever since the death of Nkurunziza’s aide.

The guard is a member of the president’s commando unit that fired a rocket on the vehicle of General Adolphe Nshimirimana.

The sergeant told the International Radio Bujumbura that his team which carried out the assassination were put in a “safe place” on the evening of the General’s death.

The so-called “safe place” is in the villa of a one General Ndakugarika, who according to our last story titled: “Untold Story: Nkurunziza had Gen Adolphe shot”, quarrelled with the late Adolphe in a meeting.

It was the same Gen Ndakugarika who proposed that the eldest son of the president takes power after him yet Adolphe wanted his wife (if given speakership) to succeed Nkurunziza after his term.

This is the debate that resulted into a confrontation and subsequent summary execution of Gen Adolphe.


Two days before the run, the sergeant learned that his companions had the mission to assassinate him, writes Burundi 24.

That’s when he decided to flee, leaving his friends in the villa.


The sergeant who testified against his boss/ Bujumbura News photo

The sergeant also said that the presidential adviser, Willy Nyamitwe, paid them a visit more than once to comfort them and reassure them of a promised “reward” for the job well done.

The sergeant says the reward was to have them all killed.

Indeed, after fleeing the villa, his colleagues (members of the commando unit) were all murdered that night by the bodyguards of General Bunyoni Alain-Guillaume.

The sergeant is now headed to Western capitals for protection.

According to the report, the evidence collected by Sir Richard Ciramunda also evokes senior criminal acts organized by the presidential guard since the protests began.

The late Adolphe

According to Burundi 24, Adolphe, a former resistance fighter became Chief of Staff of the rebellion CNDD-FDD, was famous for his bloodthirsty nature and known to have been involved in many extra-judicial executions.

It was the time when he headed the National Intelligence Service until November 2014.

According to Radio Publique Africaine, Adolphe was the instigator of the murder of three Italian sisters of the parish Guido Maria Conforti Kamenge.

The name of the former head of the intelligence service came back in 2011 when they organized a massacre in Gatumba, a border area of ​​the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This bloodbath should be on the back of some tenors of the opposition including Alexis Sinduhije President of MSD.

A year earlier, in 2010, an investigation by the FBI, the Federal Police, which overlapped with that of other commissions, Gen Adolphe accused of the assassination of civil society activist Ernest Manirumva, Burundian Vice President the Observatory for the Fight against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement, OLUCOME.

The human rights defender investigation on barter in arms and drugs against gems between General Adolphe and Liberation Forces of Rwanda, FDLR, implicated the military officer.

The other state crime in which Adolphe is cited is that of the murder of Brown Ndarishikanye, a currency exchanger killed in 2006, and many more crimes including the floating dead bodies in a Rwandan lake.

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