Nigeria, Tanzania boys stage bloody fight over Kenyan girls


The last time we checked, Kenyan women were protesting against their men’s failure to impregnate them.

The incident that took place in Ndeiya ward Kiambu county last month sparked many suggestions including “importation” of “serious” men from other African countries to help make Kenyan women pregnant.

This suggestion seems to be sliding into action, at least for the young Kenyan university girls.

According to Nairobi News, a tabloid, a group of foreign students from a Nairobi-based private university on Friday morning engaged in a bloody battle over Kenyan girls.

The fight took place in Roysambu area of the capital Nairobi involving Nigerian and Tanzanian students.

According to the report, the Nigerian boys and their Tanzanian brothers were hanging out at a “shisha bar” in a nearby mall when a disagreement arose over Kenyan girls.

The quick-witted and extremely horny Tanzanians grabbed the girls and dragged them to their rented apartments near the mall for quick sessions.

The move enraged Nigerians who also hoped to discover the secret Kenyan women hold.

Details say, the Tanzanians were forced to abandon their Subaru cars and hide in the parking lot at their flat.

Fuming Nigerians then vandalised cars, shouted obscenities and reportedly injured on of the sweet girls “in the eye with broken glass”.

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