Ndebesa: Museveni survives on rented support


Makerere university political history professor, Mwambutsya Ndebesa, says President Yoweri Museveni has been running the country on “rented support”.

Opposition through the election campaigns accused the president of “buying off people” to attend his rallies.

Opposition also claimed that the president had paid off Ugandan musicians with the intention of pulling crowds to his rallies putting them at loggerheads with their fans afterwards.

Makerere don Ndebesa seems to agree with this logic.

Appearing on NBS TV Monday, Ndebesa said Museveni strategically restored Kingdoms to gain political support.

President Apollo Milton Obote presided over the adoption of the 1967 ‘republican constitution’ that abolished kingdoms.

They were restored in 1993 during the tenure of Museveni.

However, addressing press at Rwakitura in January 2016, Museveni has clarified that he was not responsible for restoration of kingdoms.

The president said he simply asked Ugandans who were interested in Kingdoms to restore them, but does not encourage, nor discourage them.

“President Museveni has been surviving on rented political support i.e. he restored kingdoms to gain support,” Ndebesa insists.

He said the law doesn’t say one can’t be president when they turn 75 but that one can remain president even until the age of 89.

“Mr Museveni says he will follow the Constitution when asked about the age limit. Will the said Constitution be amended?”

For the sake of having political certainty, the succession road-map needs to start taking shape, the don suggested.

Failing economy

He noted that the economy is still not healthy.

“Yes it is growing but what is growth without employment, growth without food…? Is it wrong to say that inequality is natural? It is socially constructed and can be de-constructed.”

He said Uganda has not achieved a sustainable economy as per initial 10-point programme.

“Agriculture is no longer our backbone.”

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