Ndebesa: If Museveni dies today…


Makerere university political history professor, Mwambutsya Ndebesa, says there would be a terrible crisis if President Yoweri Museveni died today.

“There are no structures in his government that would work in his absence,” Ndebesa said while appearing on NBS TV last week.

“If the president passed away…,” he surmised, “we don’t know who will be in charge as the formal political structures don’t work.”

He said the NRM government still believes in revolutionary violence and has been effecting that instead of formulating structures to keep the country moving even after Museveni.

“When you use violence while in power it becomes reactionary violence,” the professor warned.

Ndebesa says the current NRM government’s problem isn’t logistical, “but its political manoeuvring that isn’t visible to the public eye”.

He said for example, in Uganda after a person wins an election, he tells people, “Those that didn’t vote me should go and buy land elsewhere”.

The president himself has used the same talk upcountry while asking people to vote NRM members if they want service delivery.

Speaking in Jinja in January 2015, Museveni told Busia residents not to vote for the Opposition during LC5 by-elections, saying it is he who controls the money that they need to have social services.

“I have the money you need for some of the social services but if you make a mistake and vote for the Opposition, you would be blocking the channel because they cannot approach me,” Museveni said.

Ndebesa says the country will see many people appointed as ambassadors and RDCs to keep them happy after losing elections.

“5 years ago we knew that we would have elections, so I don’t know why the need for postponement,” he said on the NRM primaries that were postponed severally.

“Everybody at the moment is trying to rig elections even after we were promised change.”

He added: “In Uganda we reward intolerance and punish tolerance.‪”

Speaking on the same show, Timothy Kalyegira, a Media analyst, said people have now discovered that even if they lose the elections, the president will appoint them as diplomats.‪

“The political class in Uganda is now seven times more than the civil society and we are now dealing with a crisis where people are no-longer productive,” Kalyegira said.

Museveni afraid of democracy

Prof Maximiano Ngabirano, the director of East Africa School of Diplomacy, Governance and International Studies at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), is quoted by Daily Monitor saying Museveni dismisses Arts courses because he fears discourse about governance issues.

“Why government is attacking conflict resolution is that there is no way you can study peace and conflict in the Great Lakes region without talking about ex-rebels and state houses of these countries have ex-rebels. They are part of our agenda and knowing that they (leaders) are part of it, their tendency is to discourage [Arts courses],” Prof Ngabirano wondered.

Prof Ngabirano also said the current corruption scandals that Uganda is grappling with, is a continuation of ex-rebels’ activities, now in government.

“Stealing of money was done by rebels that time. They surrounded and robbed Uganda Commercial Bank and a year later, these people were handed government. Primarily, we handed a government to a group of robbers. What do you expect now,” Prof Ngabirano said.

Prof Charles Olweny, the UMU vice chancellor, also told the newspaper, the university would continue to critique public policy and make recommendations since the institution was established to counteract moral decay.







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