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Nabilah renews tales of devil worship in Parliament

Hon Nabilah Sempala

Hon Nabilah Sempala

Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi Sempala is not happy with Ugandans for their failure to appreciate information whenever it is given on time.

The Forum for Democratic Change legislator, for example, said in 2015 that some top officials in government and especially parliament were worshipping the devil.

No one believed her until a video of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga came out this week showing the strongest woman in the legislative arm of government paying a visit to her ancestors.

“Ugandans always shun timely information! Politics and devil worship very deeply intertwined in top-level positions!” Nabilah wrote on her social media, Facebook page yesterday.

She added: “Now you know that at least the legislative arm of government is legitimately under the stewardship of ancestral worship! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg lol!”

Nabilah claims this is the norm in most Ugandans lives.

“They worship in duality, both ancestral and monolithic religions! Church during the day and shrines at night! That is why the usual noise will be muted on this one because most are devout in both!” she wrote.

Kadaga, on the other hand defends, her visit to her ancestors’ shrines at Nhyenda Hill, Nakigo Sub-county in Iganga District two days after being declared winner, saying they [ancestors] needed to know about her success.

“Who doesn’t have an origin? Who doesn’t have where they came from? Those are my roots, I had gone to inform my grandparents that I went through in Parliament; I went through as the Speaker. That is all I had gone to inform them about,” Kadag fired out.

According to Maj Nantamu, the prime minister of Hon. Kadaga’s clan, she did not go to the hill to perform any acts of sorcery, but was only fulfilling a cultural norm that requires each member of the Baise Igaga Clan to visit the hill at least once a year.

Maj Nantamu explained that when members visit, it is up to them to do what they feel for as long as it does not desecrate the area.

Nabilah had on November 16, 2015 posted what she called disturbing information, relating it to devil worshippers.

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“There is a devil worshiping inner circle across parties! It is deadly, intense and not in line with the motto for Uganda! (the motto being; FOR GOD & MY COUNTRY),” she said.

Nabilah said the worshippers’ meetings are held in Kampala but sometime they fly out together to specific destinations in the region.

She said the clique includes some business owners but the majority are civil servants in key positions and politicians.

“The battle for 2016 is slated to be EPIC! The signs will become visible for anyone who cares to see but they will be defended to death by those under their Spell! Watch out!”

She added: “Some people will die, others have already succumbed while most gullible Ugandans will think of the usual “poison, heart attack, accidents” etc.”

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