My wife wants me dead-Big Eye


Big Eye, wife Sheila and their kids

Musician Big Eye aka Professor is increasingly becoming neurotic after an alleged plot by his wife, Sheila Patience Don Zella, to end his life.

“Please pray for me my people. Am scared she wants me DEAD, she wants me stay alone, she wants me go down, she doesn’t want me to work this is serious my people. Am scared_am scared_please help me God,” Big Eye ranted on his Facebook page.

When he realised people were ignoring his outbursts as the usual neurotic Big Eye verbose, he returned to his page with even greater emphasis.

“Some of you are judging me, some think it’s a joke, some of you think its showbizz and some of our brothers and sisters think its news stunts. Let me tell you, by the time you will realise that it was serious that’s when you will be typing “RIP Big Eye.” Please my good people give me security wherever you find me.”

Whispers have it that Sheila, an events promoter, accused him of cheating on her after doing all she can to build him.

This came after he was reportedly snapped on stage with his fingers inside a female dancer’s candy shop, allegedly resulting into a fight with Sheila.

Sheila posted on her Facebook page saying only a cowardly man would dare heart a woman.

She then posted a picture of her, Big Eye and their kids saying: “I will never sacrifice my family for anything we can have ups and downs like any other family but I stay strong each person in this picture here have a story and memory in my book behind our journey we will stick together many people are fighting to break us but my soul is strong to keep us together.”

She added: “You can’t erase these memories there forever attention is just part time.”

Now we are wondering who exactly to believe and who not to believe.

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