Mwenda: Muntu, Besigye are ill-informed



Senior journalist, Andrew M. Mwenda, says he is dissatisfied with a presidential debate between FDC politicians, Mugisha Muntu, and Kizza Besigye broadcast by NTV on Sunday at Sheraton hotel.

“I have been following debate between Muntu and Besigye and none of them has shown why he is better than the other as FDC flag bearer,” Mwenda said igniting a social media, Twitter debate.

Mwenda says for more than an hour, he still couldn’t tell exactly what these FDC candidates plan to do if they came into government.

He only commended Muntu as “beginning to make sense” when the politician discouraged the issuing of threats that one cannot see through against the government.

“The moment you continue to issue threats more than once and nothing is done, you lose credibility. I will never be or go in that direction. This is why I have to invest in organization,” Muntu had earlier said.

Mwenda also commended Besigye as “right to say the advantage he has over Muntu is support which he should have called “electability””.

“I don’t agree with Muntu that Besigye support is carryover from Mzee Ssemogerere. Besigye inspires passion in M7 haters. It’s ultimately about being president of Uganda – that is why FDC should choose one of them – to make a beta president,” Mwenda noted.

He nonetheless agree with Muntu as being realistic on reforms which can only be carried out by parliament but there NRM has a majority.

“Besigye lacks tact,” he turned around, “He [Besigye] should give voters hope that they can triumph rather than tell them difficulty of winning against the state.”

Asked whether President Yoweri Museveni would engage in such a debate, Mwenda said: “I think he would, the question should be: under what circumstances would M7 particulate in such a debate.”

As to whether opposition electoral participation now depends on electoral reform implementation, Mwenda said he was lost on “what the Besigye position on this matter is”.

“I think the moderation of this debate has a left a lot to be desired. Besigye is being vague. I suspect he wants to say he made a mistake to leave leadership of FDC coz party has gone to the dogs.”

“Besigye says government is big, what is its size? And to what size does he want to cut it? Based on what formula?”

Mwenda concluded that the debate was “badly moderated and poorly prepared with ill-informed candidates”.

“How can this produce a dream team to transform Uganda? From this debate I can conclude that we don’t have the core human competences to establish the kind of government we aspire for.”

“May be I am biased,” he continued, “But for your info I am a Muntu fan and would love him to be president because of his values. But I don’t think he has shown in this debate that he has sought through what I feel are the core challenges of Uganda.”

Mwenda thinks Muntu has failed to live up to his pedigree by not giving Museveni any credit saying “surely Museveni cannot only have negatives”.

As for new districts, Mwenda said if creation of new districts leads to electoral victory, “then only a fool would not create them”.

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