Mwenda: I’ll go to hell, ally with devil to fight FDC


Senior journalist Andrew M. Mwenda is ready to go to the extremes in his one-man war against the opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party.

Mwenda alludes to the Second World War, when the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (perhaps the bitterest enemy of communism) allied with the communist USSR and its brutal leader Joseph Stalin to defeat Adolf Hitler and his German reich.

When asked why he could work with such an evil regime, Churchill said he was even willing to go to hell and ally with the devil if that was necessary to defeat Hitler.

“Today I find myself in the same position as Churchill,” Mwenda said at the close of last week.

He added: “I am willing to go to hell and ally with the devil to defeat the extremism and intolerance of the radical faction of FDC.”

Mwenda said confirmed running a one man’s war against FDC extremists.

“They love me, and one of them even drew a nice cartoon of me. So they always show up on this page to read what I write and comment.”

He said FDC extremists don’t argue but only insult.

“And they think (like Jeb Bush said of Donald Trump) they can insult their way to the presidency. Trump is doing it. They too may succeed if we all don’t join the fight against their Taliban-like politics! God forbid!”

In his analysis, Mwenda concluded that FDC is a party that relies on feelings rather than thinking.

It [FDC]’s politics is not based on reason but emotions, the journalist pointed out adding that FDC’s policies are not drawn from facts but fiction.

“Its god, Kizza Besigye, relies on myths rather than reality.”

War drums have been sounded, battle lines drawn; now let the battle commence.

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