Muslims ask Allah to help Sejusa uproot Museveni


Sejusa meeting Muslims in Kyengera

Muslims who recently made news for walking out of a mosque in protest of President Yoweri Museveni’s “empty political talk” have now asked Gen David Sejusa to stand strong and remove him from power.

According to Moses Bigirwa, Gen Sejusa’s top aide once arrested for supporting the Free Uganda chairman, says the former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF was meeting the Muslim community in Kyengera, a Kampala suburb.

“He was invited by Muslims and residents of Kyengera to clear the air and to defeat the government propaganda which they were using to tarnish his name that Gen David Sejusa closed the mosque on ground that they were making a lot of noise,” Bigirwa says.

“Sheik Salimu Bossa the imam of Kyengera twin mosque, Hajji Aziz, Imam Umaru, Asuman, the imam junior, led duwa prayers of late Hajji Kasule Haruna held on July 15, 2015.”

In 2003 while still a serving UPDF soldier, Sejusa allegedly raided Masjid Taubah mosque in Kyengera and fired bullets accusing Muslims of making noise for him.

Sejusa also used the opportunity to apologise to Kyengera Muslim community.

He admitted his mistake and asked for forgiveness.

The Muslims forgave the General and showed solidarity and support.

The Muslim leaders reportedly asked Allah to clear all the obstacles along the way and allow Sejusa cause change in Uganda.

They unanimously encouraged Gen Sejusa to “stand strong and lead the revolution to uproot dictator Museveni”.

This comes amid reports that dozens of Muslims walked out of Eid- prayers at Masaka Central Mosque claiming that the religious gathering had turned into a political campaign.

The act came as President Yoweri Museveni delivered his speech to the congregation, gathered to commemorate the end of the holy month of Ramadhan.

It is not clear whether the Muslim community has grown tired of Museveni’s regime.

Meanwhile, responding to the latest development involving State House “gangs of thieves”, Sejusa says “the wolves are at each other’s throats” asking Ugandan people to realise that “Uganda is being led by thieves and criminal gangs who must be kicked out of state house before they do any more damage”.

“The country has already been looted dry and, as the thieves grow richer and richer, buying themselves private jets, flying their families abroad for treatment, and carrying around sacks of dollars to bribe unsuspecting Ugandans, the overt-stricken masses cannot afford to eat two meals a day, cannot afford to buy medicine or take their children to school.”

According to Sejusa, only a people power revolt is needed “before Museveni can cheat and rig his way to power again through the sham 2016 elections”. “The way forward – do not allow Mr Museveni to organise sham elections. Do not allow him to stand in those sham election.”

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