Musevenist invites Pope, Obama to Kyankwanzi for ideology lessons


Prof Karusoke

The ruling party, NRM ideologue, Prof. Kajabago Karusoke, has invited Pope Francis to pass by Kyankwanzi National Leadership Institute during his November visit to Uganda for ideology lessons.

Also invited is former and current US presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Prof Karusoke, a Museveni man who teaches at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi, was speaking at the Pan African Pyramid on Friday at Fairway hotel titled: ““Uganda @53 years: are we independent socially, economically & politically? With 86%, can youths be key stake holders in the social, economic & political transformation in Uganda & Africa?”

“Obama and the Pope should come to Kyankwanzi so I can give them proper training in ethics,” the professor urged.

He was discussing the merits of communism as opposed to self-gratifying and exploitative capitalism.

He said if all empty land in Uganda was confiscated and given to youth to carryout agricultural projects, no one would be complaining of unemployment.

On Friday, he praised President Yoweri Museveni as a better leader because he is “a political philosopher and economically, scientifically capable”.

“President Yoweri Museveni is a young man. Why do you say he should not be a president?”

He said that was why countries that capitalist USA is suppressing for promoting communism including China, Russia and Cuba were rather organised and progressing.

“Obama and Clinton should all be arrested. All those thugs in Washington are just academic maggots,” he was loud and clear.

Capitalism and its negative toll on Africa

He said USA grabbed land in Guantanamo bay from Cuba and set up infrastructure including the most notorious prison in the world hence had no right to even dare “bleat” human rights to African leaders.

“American confiscated Guantánamo Bay territory which sits on a 45-square-mile area (117.6 square kilometers) from Cuba. Later they had the audacity to label Fidel Castro a terrorist.”

In his earlier lecture on “Why and How the West sponsors Global Terrorism”, Prof Karusoke described Obama as “a crook, a bedbug and a jackal”.

According to Prof Karusoke, Obama administration is no different from the Bush administration as far as marauding, looting and plundering weaker states is concerned.

“They (Bush and Obama) are both imperialist crooks,” the Professor was unmistakable.

He cited the example of recent sanctions against Iran and negotiations that US was using as a scapegoat to dominate the Middle East.

In the same lecture, the professor described the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, monarch of 16 of the 53 member states in the Commonwealth of Nations, as “a political tortoise”.

Prof Karusoke said it was because Britain had become an appendage of United States.

“What America says is what Britain accepts. All those Bishops of Canterbury are just crooks tied to an imperialistic system. The Queen by being party to an imperialist British system is, therefore, a negative political tortoise.”

He said it was under her watch that then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, ensured that British armed forces participated in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

He was supported by Prof Ndinabo Byekwaso, a lecturer, pan-Africanist and revolutionary, who also attended the debate.


Prof Ndinabo

“Capitalism has taken a total on Africa. The West has successfully blinded us while it grabs our resources,” Ndinabo said.

He said there was massive unemployment in Italy where the Pope comes from yet he blinds the world to his home problems through “fine talk”.

“The Pope is an agent of capitalism and speaks the language of the exploiter.”

Prof Ndinabo, vocal, argumentative and straight forward, said USA, the seat of capitalism also had high levels of child malnutrition but pretends to give aid to African states as a charity.

“They are just looking for ways of stealing from us.”


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