Museveni bans pro-Mbabazi, pro-Besigye talk in NRM


Museveni and Mbabazi/ Bukedde photo 

President Yoweri Museveni has issued a ban on talk in the ruling party that brands members as pro-this and pro-that.

President Yoweri Museveni was yesterday addressing party organs; the NRM Central Executive Committee and National Executive Council at State House Entebbe.

“Finally, I need to caution our members about branding each other ─ saying this, is “pro-Mbabazi” “pro-FDC”, etc.

In NRM elections especially in western Uganda, aspirants were disqualified for being pro-Mbabazi, others had their wins cancelled, others have been fired on jobs and others even arrested for supporting the former Prime Minister.

NRM is currently divided between the party chairman and the former Secretary General as members accuse each other of siding with this one or the other.

“Ugandans know how to speak for themselves,” Museveni told delegates at Entebbe.

“Those who want to join Mr. Mbabazi can speak for themselves.  Nobody else should speak for them.”

He, however, warned that if those who are pro-Mbabazi “are acting as infiltrators, we shall discover them and deal with the infiltration”.

“I have also heard of some infiltration in the Party. Who are these who send less ballot papers to a village? Yet, the names are there on the register of voters? I have already given orders to unearth them. Just give detailed reports with facts. Do not make generalized complaints. Illustrate every fact.”

Arrest and beating of people during primaries

The president noted how he recently, I went to Bukaanga, Isingiro and “although I had little time, I was able to discover two facts. One fact was that Mr. Ruharo Charles who was arrested by the Police was rightly arrested because he was conducting organizational work beyond midnight”.

He asked the lawyers to confirm to him whether activities like meeting agents is illegal.

“The second fact I heard of was the beating of Adam Muhumuza of Kashumba sub-county, Murema village by two Policemen. Who beat Adam? The Police in Isingiro must organize an identification parade for Adam to identify those who beat him.”

Museveni threatened that if the Regional Police Commander (RPC) does not organize that parade, he [Museveni] will go and do it himself.

“That is what I did in Namayingo when criminals were killing our people there. I demand that the NRM leaders and members should be exemplary.”

“Let the others steal votes, bribe, fight if they want but not us,” he added, quoting the the Book of Mathew Chap: 5:16: “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise our Father in Heaven”.

“Let our conduct so shine before the Ugandans, that they will praise us as they did in the past.”

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