Museveni: Uganda rich but people still sleeping


President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday officially commissioned Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd in Mbarara.

He thanked the proprietor of the factory for the venture.

“The NRM has been teaching people to work because our land is full of resources but some were sleeping.”

He said when NRM came to power, Uganda used to import milk from Denmark.

“We used to produce 200 million litres annually and consume it all.”

He said now Uganda produces 2.2 billion litres and consume only 800 million.

“We no longer import powdered milk, ghee and pasturized milk, enabling us save $30m. And yet we are exporting too. Yet this is only milk. We are moving to banana processing and we want it bigger.”

Children’s food that Uganda is importing can be produced here, the president noted.

“Our scientists have also discovered that we can get paper from banana fibre. I want more women groups to make good use of these banana fibres.”

He said the country has plenty of resources and once it builds more factories, more jobs will be created for the youth.

“For example, if we had 10 such factories in Mbarara, we would create many jobs.”

On milk prices, the president said the ministry would first do research worldwide and find out how much other countries charge for their milk so that Uganda does not hike prices and fail to penetrate the world market.

“I appeal to our farmers to first wait for this due diligence to be done so that we make an informed decision.”

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