Museveni treats Makerere as UPDF division, says Mao 


Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao, has lashed at Makerere University Council for not taking adequate responsibility in the time of a crisis like the institution is currently facing. 

“These professors are dangerously articulate. If their demands met deaf ears, they should have written about it,” Mao said while appearing on “NBS Frontline” programme Thursday.

Mao said President Yoweri Museveni never consulted with the Makerere University Council before he made his decision to close the institution.

“He is a mere visitor. President Museveni is treating Makerere University as a division of UPDF. What he has done is contrary to the law?”

Mao noted that Makerere is a symptom of the mismanagement problem in this country and that the University needs a total overhaul. 

“And not just Makerere University. As a former guild president, I am going to mobilize former guild presidents to meet and discuss Makerere University issue.”

Mao said in Uganda today, every tribe seems to have a fiefdom. 

“One says URA is ours. Another claims Makerere… Another claims UPDF. If we aspire to have a meritocracy, we will do away with this business of people taking positions because of their tribe.”

Appearing on the same show, NRM electoral commission chairman Tanga Odoi who also sits on the university council said the lecturers’ strike has internal mismanagement at its roots. 

“There’s no communication. The flow of information from top to bottom is nearly non-existent. Current strike is due to lack of communication.”

Tanga said Makerere issue is national because it affects a number of people, including the non-teaching staffers who are not on strike.

“We need to restore the red gown’s dignity. The perimeter of strikes must be limited to Makerere,” he said, revealing that some students also engage in looting during strikes. 

According to Tanga, President Museveni used the Machiavellian principle; the end justifies the means. 

“He is a politician, like Kizza Besigye, and had to do something.”

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