Ugandans reject Museveni’s sexy girls


After being announced and declared Uganda’s ruler for the next five years amidst controversy of rigging, military threatening and violence, Museveni has still refused to come out to celebrate his victory.

Speaking to journalist at his country home in Rwakitura, the new announced president has promised to hold a victory party after Ugandans are done with taking back children to schools and voting of local government leaders.

He still resides in his home weeks after the victory instead of coming to state house Kampala. From the election results announced by EC chief Badru Kiggundu, it is clear that the incumbent got the least votes from Kampala and Wakiso and is least popular in these districts.

Word on the street has it that in order not to embarrass himself, voting process in these opposition strongholds took on chaos.

Votes arriving late, the results not being tallied in polling stations and military scuffles with locals were reported.

He is so unpopular in Kampala to the extent that in one polling station, after getting only one vote  out of 800+ voters, the people went on a hunt for that one person who voted the incumbent.

So what would Mseveni do in that scenario of unpopularity and hate from the central business districts of Uganda. He has resorted to tactics of winning the people’s love back especially the people of Kampala.

From denouncing corruption and pledging to fight it to the dot, saying tat his cause of unpopularity in Kampala was because of Jennifer Musisi the KCCA director to his newest prank of throwing sexy bootylicious yellow girls on the streets of Kampala.

Very early in the morning, Kampalans didn’t know what was cooking in the NRM camp only to wake up to sexy yellow girls all over the streets of Kampala. We all know men love a good body. Those many Kampalans are less interested in the messages on the placards, who would resist a sexy bootylicious girl in yellow.

Since most youth are unemployed, most in ludo, betting, and most frustrated about the rigging and the foolery that was there, these sexy yellow girls are a good distraction from their problems and frustrations.

The question is, will these sexy girls Museveni is throwing to us make take part in his victory celebration let alone change our view of his regime?

Anyway, here is a sneak pick and sexy photos of our sexy yellow girls for your enjoyment.

Irene Nakitto, the author, is a self-styled writer



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