Museveni: Those who ate Katosi road money will vomit it

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President Yoweri. K. Museveni

We celebrated Heroes Day like we have done annually since the NRA took over this country’s leadership.
I began by unveiling a monument erected in memory of UFM/FEDEMU freedom fighters who were killed between 1981-1986 at Ssi Sub-county in Buikwe District.
Thereafter I moved to Buikwe Mosque Grounds where we held the main celebration.
It is important that we remember our heroes because had they not sacrificed, we would not have this peace.
I congratulate all those persons who have gotten medals. Although the medals have no accompanying monetary package, when our economy grows, we shall in future offer some financial reward.
However the medal shows that Uganda appreciates your contribution or that of your family to the struggle.
I also want to thank the army for giving me the high award of the Katonga Medal. It is not for me alone, it’s for those who pioneered this struggle, both dead and alive. I was not alone in the struggle.
Indeed it takes freedom fighters and heroes to make change in society and create visible impact.
Heroes of Uganda are not only those who took to battlefield but even wanainchi who supported the struggle.
Many of these ordinary Ugandans were locked out of participation in elective politics because of the education requirements we placed on positions like MP, but I encourage these leaders to keep consulting them.
People who sacrificed their lives in struggle had vision and discipline that saw us succeed. I salute those who helped us defeat fascist dictatorship. Dignity of Uganda has been restored. Uganda is no longer a pariah state. We’ve secured sanctity of human life and will jealously defend it.
Therefore concretising the gains of our fighters is the duty of every Ugandan and it begins with you.
For the people of Buikwe, we are tarmacking the Mukono-Katosi road and the Kayunga-Mbiko road. Those who ate the Katosi road money will vomit it. We shall also fix the water transport issues.
The question of landlords evicting people is also going to stop. We thought they would be patriotic but they are not. They instead conspire with magistrates to evict our people.
The request for a technical college to be built here will be honoured just as we shall build those colleges in all constituencies.
Finally, we shall support the children of our fighters. We had no agency to oversee but I’ve now created ministry of veteran affairs. It will help these children.
We also awarded medals to our friends from Mozambique and Tanzania because they contributed a lot to the struggle. I thank you.

Speech by President Yoweri Museveni on Heroes Day June 9 2016


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