Museveni tells FDC to read Genesis


Museveni with NRM supporters in Kumi

When I come to Kumi by air, at times I think I am lost. Kumi is now a very big town with a number of streets.

The Kumi of the past had like four, five shops. Reading through file, I saw Nyero Town Council. Nyero was only a rock. This, however, is not surprising. The Bible says what man sows, he reaps.

NRM has sowed good governance and good ideology and good plans. All this is coming from that. We sowed unity or aimorikikina first. We rejected sectarianism of religion, of tribe, neglecting the youth, the disabled. We said everybody is valuable. When judging people, don’t use religion or tribe, use actions. If actions are good, they are good people, if actions are bad, then they are bad people.

The NRM has been in power for 30 years not by accident. A story is told of Prof Lule who was 69 years old and stayed in power for 69 days.

The two; aimorikikina and ‘agogong’ or strength, produced something else; aipuch. These three produced ‘apol’ or development. It is what you see in Kumi town, all these wonderful houses. If you go to Orungo, Amuria, Katakwi, Serere, Kalaki, Kaberamaido, Amolatar, Olilim, Dokolo, Moroto, they all have electricity. There’s electricity in so many new places, all from ‘apol’.

We are now remaining with two issues; ichan (poverty), and ‘asuam’ or jobs for the youth.

This tarmac road is apol or development but if you have a shop, that’s abar (wealth). You can have ‘apol’ but have ichan. We want to sort out poverty.

The four sectors for wealth creation are; One is commercial agriculture. If you go there, you will become rich. I am a rich man because of commercial agriculture, not because of being President.

Second sector for jobs is factories, big and small. If you start a maize mill, you create wealth for yourself and jobs for others. Same with big factories.

Third is services. The hotels, shops, taxis, etc which bring you wealth.

Fourth sector is ICT, its new. It’s based on computers. You can be an accountant here and do bookkeeping for company in US. They will pay you. It’s called Business Process Outsourcing. Also call centres, you link clients and service providers.

So, when I come to Kumi and when going around Uganda, I am celebrating. I see results of our work.

To run a government, apart from the correct ideas, you must have a good plan. You must aisingaren or prioritize. Those who can’t plan, think they can do everything in a day. Even God took six days with creation and rested on Sunday. Some of these people like FDC haven’t read the book of Genesis. They shout “this hasn’t been done”. Yes, I know but we are prioritising.

Up to 2006, we had a bad habit which our people had agreed with donors. That our revenue deals with recurrent budget while donor money handles development budget. You remember 2005 we had a bad shortage of electricity. The economy had grown but we didn’t have electricity. We also had problem with roads. Mbale-Soroti, Kampala-Masaka. I had to call my people in Parliament in 2006. I told them we’re making a problem. I told them we must prioritize some sectors even if we don’t have money. We listed six, the army, education, health especially immunization, roads and electricity.

So, when I go around, I see the fruits.

As I speak today all district headquarters have electricity except four; Kotido, Kaabong, Nwoya and Buvuma.

There’s nothing we can’t do if we prioritise. Do some today, others tomorrow. For example the Youth Fund. Youth needed money to borrow, we are putting UGX54b, but am raising to UGX234b because I want impact on youth. I have directed the finance minister to remove conditions. Among the Banyakole, there’s a stupid man called Kyamutuma. They told him his house is on fire, he said prepare a bed to sleep. Some of these public servants are like that man. They tell you these people are poor then you ask for security. If there’s security, you go to the bank. Therefore money for youth, women, Microfinance is not for security, they’re character loans. We give you a loan because we trust you.

When I am flying over Teso, I see it going through a revolution. There are more new mabati houses. They are NRM mabati, but am also seeing good gardens of citrus. Not everybody has done yet, I know seedlings were not enough. It’s why we want to ‘aisingaren’ NAADS, put there UGX1,000b so that instead of giving two families per village, we give at least half the village.

That’s our line but you hear people say ‘you’ve not paid cattle compensation, veterans’. I know about these. Each year we put money, 20b this year for compensation and 70b for veterans because we were dealing with other issues. But now that we have done good work on roads, electricity, we shall finish compensation and veterans in like two or three years.

So, if these people come here, this not done, tell them we do aisingaren. When in the Bush, I went to see Gadaffi, he said do I give you money, drugs, clothes? I told him I want a gun and bullets. Once I get those, the rest I will get myself.

That’s why my friends of Kumi I am here to ask you to vote for NRM, and vote for the Old Man with a hat. If they say the old man should go away, ask them, ‘what is your track?’ If a snail passes somewhere, it leaves a track. Show us your track. But I don’t work alone, I need NRM flag-bearers. You wanted a Municipality I gave you. Don’t send me an FDC MP.

Speech by President Yoweri Museveni in Kumi district

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