Museveni says UPDF deserter Chelimo can’t rejoin army


President Yoweri Museveni has urged the People of Sebei region to use the traditional justice system to bring back their children who are causing insecurity in Sebei region.

He noted that using the traditional justice system could get rid of impunity.

He however warned that if the suspected group led by UPDF deserter Julius Chelimo refuses to return peacefully, he will use his own methods to solve the problem of insecurity in the region.

“If the suspected group causing insecurity can come back through the traditional justice system, it will be better than to hunt for them,” he said.

The President was last evening speaking to a group of elders, opinion leaders, religious leaders and political leaders among others from Sebei region at Kapchorwa State Lodge.

The group was led by the Kapchorwa district chairman Sam Cheptorus.

The First Lady who is also Minister for Karamoja Affairs Janet Museveni attended the meeting.

The group had initially requested the President to grant Chelimo amnesty and allow him back in the army if he surrendered peacefully.

The President however said such people cannot be accepted back to serve in the Army because they have killed and will spoil the Army.

“He may be granted amnesty in future after discussions but if such a person is admitted back to serve in the army how will he treat the one who steals money?” he said.

The President said that such people might be assisted to find a way of living in future.

The President noted that this issue can be solved peaceful through the community action by using the elders adding that National Resistant Movement does not believe in impunity.

He pledged Shs. 50 million towards supporting the security committee that will be formed by the group to conduct meetings in order to address the problem of insecurity in the region.

The President called on the leaders to counsel the youths who might be deceived into doing wrong things that can lead to death.

He cited the example of Alice Lakwana who made many people to die through lies.

He asked the families to concentrate on profitable enterprises like growing coffee, fruits, rearing of pigs, poultry, and dairy farming among others in order to generate more money to support the family.

He advised the Sebei people not to grow maize that takes a lot of time to mature adding that it does not earn enough money.

The President also warned the People of Sebei region against land fragmentation saying that they do not have enough land to divide. He advised them to rather divide the money they get out of the land.

He also warned them against disputes over boundaries saying that the boundaries that were marked right from the independence will be observed accordingly.

The President told the group that the NRM government is working hard to solve the problem of roads, electricity, education, health, pipe water and telephone network in Sebei region.

He said that the government has already extended electricity to Sebei region and has already planned for the construction of the roads among others.

The President urged the Police to wake up and be prepared to provide security, maintain law and order in the society.

According to the District Police Commander Kapchorwa SP John Patrick Odokonyero who briefed the President, the group led by Chelimo at first grabbed guns from Uganda Wildlife Authority officers at Teryet parish in Kapchesombe sub-county in Kapchorwa district and later attacked the Kapchorwa central Police station early this month.

He said they shot two Police officers dead and injured two others who are recovering.

He said Police in Kapchorwa Police station shot one of the suspects dead.

He said the group after shooting the Police officers, entered in to the Police cells and picked one of their colleague who was detained.

The delegation from Sebei accepted to use the traditional justice system to bring back their children who are causing insecurity in the region.

They accept also to form the security committee that will be briefing the President on their progress in addressing the in security in the region.

They accepted to work as a team to ensure that peace returns to the region adding that they never anticipated such an attack.

They said they will organise meetings with the clan leaders in order to find lasting solutions to the security situation.

The group told the President that some of the youths are misled by the rivals of Museveni who promised them a lot of things.

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