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Museveni promises soldiers bungalows


Museveni meeting some of the UPDF commanders

President Yoweri Museveni has promised to uplift the welfare of Uganda’s soldiers by providing them good housing and education their children.

While addressing cabinet at State House Entebbe on Thursday, Museveni said the issue of their housing is going to be resolved fast.

“The ordinary soldier should have, at least, a two bed-room bungalow or flat. Next to be solved is the education of the soldiers’ children.”

He said the Armed Forces have played a decisive role in the recovery of Uganda especially the NRA/UPDF, their driving force has been the ideology that was inculcated into them by the NRM leadership right from the beginning.

On account of that mentality, Museveni  said the NRA/UPDF has been able to give total peace to Uganda cheaply.

“With a small budget of US 500 million dollars per year, the NRA/UPDF has been able to provide security to the people of Uganda, across the whole land, for the first time in 500 years.”

Besides, the president continued, the UPDF has also contributed to regional peace.

“In this term (Kisanja), I want the Ministry of Defence and the Army leadership to solve the problems of the Army, the Police, the Intelligence services and the Prison services.”

First, he promised to resolve the issue of housing.

According to the president, the ordinary soldier should have, at least, a two bed-room bungalow or flat.

“Next to be solved is the education of the soldiers’ children. Right from 1986, I directed the concerned people to build Primary schools in all the barracks where the Soldiers’ children should study free.”

He said the same should be done for the Secondary Schools.

“The Secondary Schools used to be in Masindi, Jinja, Nakasongola and the Kadogo School in Mbarara. Even if there was an Army Secondary School per division, provided they were boarding and the Army produced food for feeding the Schools, that would be adequate.”

Museveni, however noted that an Army University may not be economical but instead, the Army leadership would conclude discussions on his directive to them to find a formula of funding University education for deserving soldiers’ children.

“Should we use the Army SACCO? Should we make deductions from the soldiers’ salaries? Get a solution. All soldiers’ spouses should be economically active around the barracks instead of sitting around and gossiping.”

He said poultry farming, mushroom growing, fish-farming, knitting, weaving, etc., etc. are some of the activities the soldiers’ spouses should be engaged in.

“These would give the soldiers’ spouses additional incomes for their families. Finally, in the coming financial years, we should gradually and affordably increase the salaries of soldiers and other security personnel until they come in line with the salaries of the teachers and the medical workers.”

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