Museveni on why NRM kicked out Rwabwogo



President Yoweri Museveni has explained why the ruling party, NRM top organ Central Executive Committee [CEC] rejected his son in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo.

CEC sat on Friday evening at State House Entebbe and rejected the nomination of Rwabwogo who was vying for the seat of vice chairperson western Uganda.

The seat is currently occupied by Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza.

After Rwabwogo was thrown out, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, who was vying for the same post stood down leaving his colleague in arms unopposed.

Museveni explains

Addressing the National Executive Committee [NEC] meeting at Entebbe yesterday, Museveni said his son-law had not consulted him.

“I am the President of Uganda, chairman of NRM where Rwabwogo is a member but above all, I am the head of the family where Rwabwogo is my son in law,” Museveni stated.

“He [Rwabwogo] has never consulted me to contest for the position of vice chairman western region.”

Museveni said people have been telling him about it.

“This Odrek is close to me but he didn’t tell me. We should assume leadership through a process not from nowhere.”

NRM Youth League protests

The NRM Youth League leaders nearly held Museveni hostage at State House as they protested the “unfair treatment” of Rwabwogo.

As the president spoke, the youth league broke into a chant “Rwabwogo, Rwabwogo, Rwabwogo”.

Museveni managed to “shout back” telling them that the youth are catered for in NRM and no one was being side-lined.

Immediately after his speech, the errant members of NRM Youth league jumped from their seats stumbling through historicals and cabinet ministers to “hijack” the President.

The youth league was led by Moses Kiwanuka, the vice chair eastern region, their chairman, Robert Rutaro, Edwin Agaba, Alex Kawesa and others.

Museveni looked visibly shocked but he talked to them, a source that attended the meeting tells us.

Rwabwogo insists he is still in the race

Rwabwogo’s camp insist they are still in the race and only the law can judge him not CEC.

He claims to have spent a lot of money totalling to Shs 5bn as well as his team that has spent too much already in campaigns and distributing other electoral materials like flyers.

The Rwabwogo team is still sending out messages and distributing flyers.

Recently, Rwabwogo held a fundraising that raised about Shs 400m for his campaigns; he has been going places convincing NRM members to vote him.

Rwabwogo claims to have agreed with his wife [Patience Museveni] to contest for the position although his father in-law says otherwise.

Ugandan born BCC journalist, Allan Kasujja, says he tried to call Rwabwogo to discuss the decision to kick him out of the race.

“No joy! Inexperience? So he should have held the job before?” Kasujja wondered.

Historicals weigh in

When they spoke, some historicals even rose the most improbable of situations.

They claimed Rwabwogo “might be working for Mbabazi” to undermine the President and to “kill the revolution which they fought for”.

Rwabwogo was trying to challenge historicals who founded NRM telling them how they had veered off the principles that founded the party.

He was challenged by Morrison Rwakakamba, a presidential assistant for research, who told Rwabwogo he didn’t know much about NRM ideology but was simply “posturing”.

Museveni won’t allow intrigue in his party

When Museveni spoke again, he told members that he would not allow intrigue in the party.

He then turned attention to youth saying they were becoming a problem.

He said in every village there is the so-called local elites who benefit from each and every programme and poor youth are always left out.

He gave an example of Budaka poor youth who are over accusing him promising to meet their leaders over the matter.

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