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Museveni, Mugabe, Obama legacies at stake as Trump takes office

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If newly elected US President Donald Trump’s campaign promises are something to go by, then Ugandan and Zimbabwe strongmen; Yoweri Museveni and Robert Mugabe, could be in deeper trouble.

Speaking at a rally in South Caroline early this year, Trump warned that should he become president of America, Museveni and Mugabe would have to go.

In 2011, Forbes Magazine rated Museveni No.6 of the world’s worst dictators while Mugabe came shortly after.

The list also included; Syria’s Bashar al-Assad who succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad that had served for 30 years till death, Kim Jong-il, the supreme leader of People’s Republic of Korea [north], former Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and Burma’s senior General Than Shwe, among others.

“I want to reiterate here before American greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda. Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days numbered,” Trump is purportedly quoted to have said.

When asked by a journalist at Kabale State lodge in January 2016 about the significance of Trump’s comments, Museveni said he had not heard about Trump and that “what Trump says is none of my business”.

“I think Mr. Trump has got enough work to do in US. People are dying, being killed by guns. Maybe I could give him some advice on how to have peace in the USA,” Museveni pointed out.

He added: “I didn’t even know what Trump says. He has no credentials to talk about Uganda. He has no authority. He has got enough work to do in the US. In case you are in touch with him, tell him that.”

Yet, as matters stand now, it seems Trump has all the credentials and necessary authority to talk about Uganda and determine its future too.

As if to prove this bitter realisation, Museveni was among the first African presidents to congratulate Trump on his victory on Wednesday.

In December 2014, Museveni defended Mugabe’s life presidency in an interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

He said in Africa, they don’t interfere in people’s affairs, and that it was a question of what needs to be done not who.

Museveni who said in 1986 that the problem with Africa was leaders who overstay in power, defended his 30-year uninterrupted rule saying people always vote him back into power.

Museveni is now among top five African who have overstayed in power.

They are; President Biya of Cameroon [29 years], Zimbabwe’s Mugabe [31 years], Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea [32 years] and Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola [32 years].

Obama’s legacy too at stake

Another person who has to worry about his legacy curtsey of Trump’s victory is the outgoing American President Barack Obama.

During the campaigns, Obama put his weight behind Hillary Clinton who he painted as a “heavenly saint”, only to be humiliated and defeated [hands down] in most US states.

High and might as she has projected herself, Hillary managed only 218 electoral colleges while Trump who, in his queer-comic and absurd rhetoric” touched the hearts of the underprivileged and grabbed himself 276 electoral colleges.

He will be assuming office in January 2017 after which Obama is poised to pay for his rash statements and slander directed towards Trump sometime back.

Obama openly told voters while campaigning for Hillary that Trump was a radical who could not be even treated by his team to send out a tweet [on Twitter].

“How can we trust him with our keys for nuclear weapons?”

Obama also hinted at how Trump was biased towards sections of people and that he would be a danger to national security if elected president.

Trump, in turn, questioned Obama’s “Americanism” and presence in White House.

However, after winning the 2016 election, Obama hastily called Trump to White House for a meeting on power transition—probably to safeguard his legacy, which is at stake.

Trump had promised to repeal and replace “Obamacare”, one of the only visible achievements the Kenya-born president seems to have registered in his eight years in power.

Once the hope of Africa [since long lost], Obama presided over the destruction and looting of Libya and the destabilisation of Middle East while at home, more blacks were shot down by racist police officers.

As if that was not disgraceful enough, Trump further accuses Obama and Hillary of creating and funding Islamic State [ISIS] to destabilise Syria and the East like more other terror organisations said to be backed by America.

Now, Obama claims he will do all it takes to help Trump succeed yet he had asked America not to trust the billionaire for his lack of political experience.

As a Ugandan Bantu tribe “Banyankole” elders always said: “Time does not eat itself—the repeated rising and setting of the sun brought a child to the same level as its mother—“.

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