Museveni, Mbabazi secretly meet in China


Museveni and Mbabazi


President Yoweri Museveni and his supposed rival, Amama Mbabazi, secretly met in the Chinese capital, Beijing last evening.

The two leaders met after Museveni had finished addressing the student community at the China Foreign University in Beijing.

Present on the occasion was the First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, and the NRM Women League Leader, Jacqueline Mbabazi.

Undisputed sources tell us that the closed door talks were overseen by the China President, Xi Jinping, who also doubles as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

Mbabazi is connected to the most influential members of China’s ruling Communist Party.

Museveni who believes that one can use capitalism to implement socialist policies, is also said to have deep roots in the Chinese ruling party.

According to sources that attended the meeting, President Jinping urged Museveni and the Kinkizi West Member of Parliament to set aside their differences and work towards a common goal of developing Uganda.

Last year, Mbabazi rushed to China reportedly to entreat the Chinese President to arrange for the talks that got underway last evening at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing.

Among the demands that Mbabazi put forward for the reconciliation include; Museveni denouncing the chairmanship of NRM and peacefully handing over power come 2016.

Mbabazi allegedly referred to a case that is currently in court in which Benjamin Alipanga seeks to block Museveni’s candidature in 2016 on account of old age.

Mbabazi reminds Museveni of guerrilla war deal

In his calm deep voice, Amama reminded Museveni of their agreement struck during the guerrilla war in which he (Amama) was to succeed Museveni in 2016.

“After the defeat of the Kikosi Malum and FRONASA guerrilla groups by the Uganda Army in September 1972, you had decided to give up your armed struggle,” he recalled.

“I agreed to join hands with you (already demoralized) and set about re-organising FRONASA into a more effective guerrilla force, setting up cells in many parts of Uganda.

“I remained behind in Uganda, running almost single-handedly the secret FRONASA activities even at the risk of being killed by Idi Amin.”

“While in Nairobi, I created an intelligence network for the NRM and at the same time coordinated the settlement of NRM families in exile, finding them homes and schools for their children. I also coordinated the NRM’s contact with foreign governments and created the structures of what is now known as the NRA/NRM.”

“What is this Muhoozi Kainerugaba business that I hear about?” Amama queried, visibly agitated.

Museveni is said to had interjected and clarified that he was not grooming Muhoozi for Presidency as saboteurs continued to claim.

Janet, Jacqueline disagree, storm out of the meeting

When the name of the first son came into play, Janet who had kept a deathly silence all along, cut in.

With a hostile look, she reminded the President also her husband what they had agreed on in the comfort of their Kiruhura based home.

“You promised me, remember?” she put in gaining tempo.

“First of all, this old age debate doesn’t make sense anymore. Secondly, let us leave Muhoozi out of this. We decided his fate a longtime ago.”

Museveni then slowly leaned to her side and whispered something into her ear which, according to the source, sent Janet into a rage.

“I can’t believe what I am hearing!” she pointed, turning to Jacqueline, “You, I am aware of what you have been doing on the grassroots. I know what you are up to but I promise you, it won’t succeed.”

The Karamoja Affairs minister jumped to her feet and grabbed her hand bag still wreathing with anger.

Equally charged, Jacqueline also jumped to her feet and reminded Janet that had it not been for her kind heart and generosity, Amama would never have funded Museveni’s war.

“My husband and I brought you where you are! Never forget that!”

Then a verbal exchange ensued before presidential guards were ordered to escort the two leaders out.

Jinping reconciles Museveni and Mbabazi

It was at this point that Jinping intervened and put it to the two leaders that there was no need of reverting to the violent past.

He pointed out that it was indeed Mbabazi who helped Uganda and China to build a strong relationship.

“This relationship would have fallen apart had it not been for Mbabazi,” Jinping pointed out.

He added: “In any case, you (Museveni) wouldn’t be here now on your five day visit had it not been for your comrade’s efforts.”

“As you can see,” continued Jinping, “Uganda can achieve great things with you two working together towards a common goal.”

Jinping reminded them that had it not been for their friendship and united effort, Uganda would still be under the rule of dictators like Amin.

“Gentlemen, you have come a long way. You still have a long way to go but this is only possible if you move together as a team,” Jinping put.

It is reported that at this point, Museveni pulled out his white handkerchief, blew his nose and shook his head.

He then slowly stood up and extended his hand which Mbabazi grabbed and the two shook endlessly.

When they did sit down again, Mbabazi and Museveni drafted a master plan through which they will rule Uganda till Kingdom come.

The Insider has uncovered the draft of this master plan which we shall bring in another article once April 1st Fools’ Day has passed.

NOTE: This story is an April 1, Fools’ Day prank. No such meeting took place. The report should be treated as a bad joke. Please, never use it for future reference. 

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