Museveni: It’s us who can manage Uganda


Museveni campaigning in Ngora

We are going to vote for a new government and the NRM is presenting itself as usual.

We are saying it is us who can manage Uganda and this is because we have the capacity. It’s not by accident. We believe in aimorikikina or unity.

We don’t believe in sectarianism of tribe, religion or looking down on women or disregarding the disabled. Because of this we have built strength or agogong. These two caused ‘aipuch’, which in turn led to ‘apol’.

Therefore, NRM is not something by accident. It’s what Bible says. What man sows, he reaps. We are reaping aimorikikina and agogong because we sowed well.

At Independence we had parties based on religions and tribes. DP was Catholic, UPC Protestants, YK for Buganda. In four years, we had a crisis. By eighth year, the army took over. In 1962, no party could form government because none could get 50%, reason UPC formed alliance with YK. Development doesn’t know tribe or religion.

Years ago, working with Hon Akiror, we worked on electricity to Kogwi. It’s reached there.

Recently, we worked on Tororo-Mbale-Soroti road. It had grown old. We have done Soroti-Dokolo-Lira road. We are going to look at new roads for tarmacking. Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi is being worked. Design and work on Kumi-Ngora-Serere-Soroti is to be undertaken.

On the side of schools, Kobwin, Mukura Memorial, Ngora Girls & Ngora High have been rehabilitated. You have 59 government primary schools and 12 secondary schools. Ngora sub county will get a secondary school since its policy.

As for electricity, the following centres have been connected; Kobwin, Tidiek. Those to be connected are Ajeluk, Adepale, Koloin Mission, Akisim, Kapir, Agirigiroi, Aderun and Kadoki.

All sub counties in Ngora have health center IIIs.

Despite all this, we still have poverty. It’s why we sent army people here under Operation Wealth Creation to ensure you get food security but also income. OWC found demand for seedlings is high. We shall therefore budget more.

But even then, we do things by prioritization. There are people who say things should be done in one day, those are liars. Like for electricity, in 2006, I called my supporters in Parliament and told them we put more money on electricity. We did the same for roads. In that way, we shall handle all issues.

Cattle compensation is about UGX400b, we have been putting UGX20b per year. We shall do more and finish it. Same for veterans. We have paid UGX1,000b and are left with UGX500b.

On problem of Hepatitis B, they will start immunizing in 10 worst-hit districts of Adjumani, Arua,Moyo, Gulu, Lamwo, Ngora, Dokolo, Moroto, Napak and Lira. This exercise will start next month. This is for adults, the kids born in hospital are immunised right away.

I am therefore asking people of Ngora to support NRM. Politics is not a joke. If you elect opposition people, they’re not in contact with us. There are certain big things which I know even if no one tells me but there are other projects I might not know if you’re far away. That’s why I need you to vote MPs who are in NRM as you also vote the Old Man with a Hat.

Thank you.

President Yoweri Museveni’s speech in Ngora County in Ngora District on December 6, 2015

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