Video: Museveni is an imperialist puppet-Sejusa

sejusa and museveni

President Museveni and Gen sejusa

Former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, General David Sejusa, says President Yoweri Museveni is an agent of neo-colonialism.

In a seven-minute video recording, the Chairman of Free Uganda and National Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda, says Uganda is now on the crossroads.

“After every two years, there has been a rebellion against Museveni’s government,” Sejusa pointed, adding, “We have fallen far behind in production as far as the economy is concerned.”

While the president praises himself for revamping the economy believed to have collapsed under past regimes, Sejusa says things are even far worse now.

“Our children who went to school are not only half-baked but have no jobs too.”

He said what is happening in Uganda now is a new form of imperialism.

“Look at the new imperialistic march. There is this woman…Muhumuza Muhara wa’ Nkanza [sic], she is more progressive than Museveni. She fought colonialism in the hills of Kigezi.”

Queen Muhumuza, the daughter of Nkanza aka “the Queen of the Bachiga” launched a guerrilla war [Nyabingi rebellion] in Kigezi hills against the British during colonial period.

Queen Muhumuza was exiled to Makindye in Kampala [she was allocated a 4-acre estate infront/opposite of the current Katwe Police station, at Kibuye, courtesy of Kabaka Daudi Chwa].

She became a heroine of the anti-colonial struggle and people from Kigezi still say that she lives in local folkrole and school songs.

Sejusa’s video:

A road in Kabale town is named after her.

“Museveni on the other hand,” Sejusa said, “is the collaborator of all imperialism.”

He said for example, the ideas they fought for in the liberation struggle have all died out or been abandoned.

“Look at the East African Community project, we have been part of that project for 30 years but…nothing has come out of it.”

Sejusa said the regional wars and instabilities were all because of Museveni.

“You can see the extent of Museveni’s interference in the region without a clear vision of how to get out of his experiments.”

The Ugandan army has been part of wars or foreign missions in Rwanda, Sudan’s Darfur region, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo and Central African Republic, among others.

“Our region is more unstable that we found it,” Sejusa said, although he agreed the Ugandan army has tried to start liberation struggles.

“Our country is more unsure. We have failed as the people who went to the bush. Our countrymen died in defence of values they thought were worthwhile.”

Sejusa said the only solution is for Museveni to give way.

“He can’t oppress the people forever.”

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