Museveni: I’m a rich man, can’t overstay in power


Museveni arriving to address press at Kabale State Lodge on Wednesday


President Yoweri Museveni says he has no reason for overstaying in power as his critics insinuate because he worked a long time ago and is rich enough.

The president made the remarks while campaigning in Ndorwa East county in Kabale district yesterday.

Critics argue that Museveni who took power in 1986 has already ruled for 30 years and should not be seeking yet another five years in 2016 general elections.

In response, Museveni said it was not about how long he has been in power but what he has done for the country.

“No one has ever given me money to leave government and do my own things,” he told the cheering crowd.

“I am a rich man,” Museveni stressed pointing an index finger at the crowd that continued cheering and ululating.

After the noise had subsided, the president explained that he was not really overstaying in power as some people claimed.

“I can’t prolong my stay in government because I am a farmer and did my things [farming] a long time ago.”

The president who was holding an umbrella to shelter him from the sweltering sun, accused opposition Members of Parliament of frustrating government programmes.

He cited the case of Forum for Democratic Change legislator, Jack Sabiiti, who he accused of trying to frustrate the Bujagali dam project.

Playing with fire

Addressing press Wednesday morning at Kabale State Lodge before leaving for Kanungu district, Museveni said unity was the gospel his government has been preaching.

“We said dividing people is like playing with fire in a grass-thatched house.”

He said the same gospel was also used to create a party [NRM] that later gained power.


Museveni addressing press in Kabale

“If you can revisit the history of 1962 elections, you will see that no party got 50%. What stopped the government of 1962 from having one ideology is because they were divided.”

He added: “Since we took over we have taught unity. Anyone teaching you to be divided is against you.”

Unity produced strength, which produced peace, the president continued, saying that now some people are saying they are tired of peace.

“These are jokers. Development is a result of peace, and now we are tackling wealth creation.”

He said through wealth creation activities, the youth will get jobs.

“I like that young girl in Kabale who immediately after school, gathered resources and built a hotel and has now employed 40 people.”

NRM secretariat

Museveni who was flanked by the Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, and NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, faulted the NRM secretariat for not educating people about unity.

“These people [NRM secretariat staff] have not been educating people the benefit of Africa uniting.”

He said this [Africa uniting] would help Uganda benefit from a wider market.


Rugunda, Museveni and Lumumba

“What’s not yet fulfilled is mainly the minor things. But now that there’s a secretariat that is focused it will be following up these issues.”

The president then turned attention to Resident District Commissioners [RDCs] who he faulted for not following up on issues.

“Then there are these RDC’s, I don’t know what they are doing. They should be following up issues in their areas.”

He also tackled the problem of load-shedding saying it was being addressed.

“Electricity is enough but the wiring has been the problem. The wires were 132kb but now they are upgrading them to 220kb. This will not be a problem anymore.”

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