Museveni: I should have won with 80%

The ruling National Resistance Movement Chairperson also President Yoweri Museveni has authored an article about the concluded Uganda presidential elections.

In his article, the president says NRM has always been a revolutionary organization, aiming at four principles: patriotism (non-sectarianism and no gender chauvinism), Pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy.

“We started by conducting, successfully, two wars of resistance (1971-79 and 1981-86).  We won those wars because we had a correct ideology, strategy and a just cause.  Since 1986 we have successfully defended the revolution against a whole spectrum of counter-revolutionaries and terrorists, many sponsored by external forces.”

“We, therefore, as in the resistance wars, used bullets to successfully defend the Revolution.  Since we were in the open society by this time, we had also, through democracy, to defend the Revolution using ballots.”

He says in the election for the CA (1993), the General Elections of 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011, the people, working with the NRM, successfully defended the Revolution.

Even in the present exercise, again, the people of Uganda, so many petty contradictions notwithstanding, have stood with the NRM to defend the Revolution, Museveni writes.

“We have won a resounding victory of about 65% in the Presidential elections and 282 NRM MPs elected.”

He said his party delivered a knock-out  in spite of the evil-minded falsehoods and demagoguery of the opposition.

“I say 65% because many of the  455,175 invalid votes were NRM votes.  How did I know this?  I knew this because at Mafudu, the Late Wapa’s place, my young brother Mbabazi beat me by 5 votes.  Yet 45 invalid votes were all mine.  How were they invalid?”

He explains that this was because supporters ticked on the symbol (the bus) or even on the candidate.  The intention of the voter would be clear.

“This was due to not sensitizing our agents and even the election officials.  This ended up taking away about 5% of our votes.  This, however, is not a new phenomenon.  Even in the past elections, we got these types of losses for NRM, probably not on the same magnitude.  Without this organizational weakness, our vote should be around 65% for the President in this week’s vote.

Even then, that should not have been the vote we should have got given the work NRM has done, especially in the area of infrastructure (roads, electricity, schools, health centres, piped water, etc.) and also in the area of peace and security, the president writes.

“We should have got 80% in my opinion.  However, that potential high score was undermined by some mistakes of some of our leaders


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