Museveni hurt many by not showing up for presidential debate


It is not so much that he did not show up.  It is much that he did not realise the impact of his no show.  This is a gentleman who has over 100 presidential advisers.  No wonder many Ugandans are cynical about the role of a presidential adviser.  It might end up being true that Tamale Mirundi was the best adviser to our president.

Holding back on this would be nothing short of “Silence is consent”.  Our very own president, on a presidential platform that is being watched by the entire world, disrespecting our mother country Uganda was tantamount to “I do not give a damn”.

The people who teach the Watoto children are always preaching to them that Watoto are the future leaders of Uganda.  Bear in mind that some of us are musicians who know what it means to practice for a big stage. Those children practiced very hard to sing the second verse for the president.  Only to be disrespected by the president’s no show.

We must admit that we are struggling to find an answer if one of those Watoto kids asked “Why did the president fail to show up as the leader of our country?” Think about this.  He didn’t even have the courtesy to send the vice president to represent him at least in the audience …

Do you think the president would behave the same way if that was his “mother country”? In his own words, the famous president would call it “a gyoogo”.

Milton Allimadi, the author, is a Ugandan Journalist based in New York City, USA.

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