Museveni has already won 2016 elections-Aide


David Mafabi

“Quote me bluntly on this one,” said David Mafabi on Saturday, “we have already won 2016 general elections. There is no doubt about that.”

Mafabi who works as Museveni’s private secretary for political affairs was unpacking the NRM manifesto in Kansanga during a live Twitter session.

Mafabi said since Museveni has no real challenger as far as Ugandan presidency is concerned, all they can do now is calculate the percentage he has already won with.

A tweep asked Mafabi how the ruling party was prepared for the February elections.

“Ofcourse the NRM candidate [Museveni] is going to win the 2016 election. In fact, we have already won.”

Mafabi said he was only biased when it came to the question of elections “because NRM has already won”.

“We have already won, all we are doing now is work on the percentage. We are working on the percentage, just to increase the percentage.”

He said NRM will continue leading the country in the next five years as mandated by the people.

Another tweep reminded Mafabi that Museveni was a mortal and wondered what plans were in place to ensure NRM doesn’t depend on one person.

Mafabi said when the time comes, Museveni will guide the party on how to go about the succession.

He gave an example of former Tanzania president, Julius Nyerere, saying when the Mwalimu was retiring, he also guided the party on how to go about succession.

In the same way, Mafabi said Museveni has been training NRM cadres “but is still an important figure when it comes to that succession”.

In December 2014, Museveni defended Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, for pursuing life presidency.

The President was holding an interview with an international news outlet, CNN’s Christine Amanpour in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

“Africa’s leadership question is a matter of “what” needs to be done and not “who” does it.”

President Museveni is on record for saying, back in 1986: “The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.”

When met with his old contrasting self, Museveni blamed Ugandans for his overstay in power saying whenever he presents himself to the people, the continue voting him again and again.

According to My Continent Africa website, President Museveni is No.5 of the African Presidents who have overstayed in power having ruled for over 28 years (January 1986-201…?)


Videos: Sejusa was planning people revolt before arrest

The Chairman of Free Uganda (FU) and National Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU), Gen David Sejusa, was planning a people’s revolution in Uganda by the time of his arrest.

Picked from his Naguru home on Saturday by military and detained at Makindye military barracks, Sejusa will be court martialled on Tuesday.

Ever since he returned from exile in UK, Sejusa has been preparing the population for a people’s revolution.

In a recent interview with a local television network, NBS, Sejusa reiterated the inevitability of a fully-fledged people power uprising in spite of the on-going brutal clamp down on opposition activists.

In the interview, General Sejusa warned Museveni that Ugandans in their millions are on course to actualise a popular revolution.

“The dictator will not be able to shoot his way back to power once the moment of his departure has come.”

Sejusa said he was confident people will rise against Museveni.

“You saw what happened when Kizza Besigye was arrested while going to Rukungiri. People went to the police station to have him released.”

Sejusa said Museveni’s guns which he is so proud of will one day be overpowered by the people.

“People can go to that State House.”

Sejusa, a member of the UPDF high and a former director of both the external and internal security organization, fell out with the president in 2013.

The general leaked a document to the media about the alleged plan to assassinate top government officials who were against the Muhoozi project.

According to the document, there were plans to have president Museveni’s son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, also commander of Special Forces Group, to succeed him as president in 2016.

Sejusa rushed to exile in the UK close to 2 years until he unexpectedly returned in December 2014 to fight from home ground.

Gen. Sejusa told NBS that the push to have the political platform levelled through the push for electoral reforms is not enough to end the 30 year reign of president Museveni.

The soldier revealed that he is planning a people’s liberation struggle against Museveni’s regime.

The founder of freedom and Unity front, a political pressure group says that he has already started mobilizing in different parts of the country.

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